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  1. didn't know i was bein a douche, was just messin' around.thanks, btw. lol.
  2. i'm not tryin to police the forum.. i couldn't honestly care less if you talked about your dog's turds in here. i posted it out of boredom. just let it go, man.
  3. lol, fuck bro, lighten up. all i did was post a link to the off-topic section, and you completly go nuts about it.
  4. stfu, dude. i'm over it already.i hate those guys, btw :twisted: .
  5. people who don't want to read off-topic crap in the general poker forum.DOUCHE.
  6. http://fullcontactpoker.com/poker-forums/v...7d44c95620c5a63
  7. lol.how old do you have to be to have a neteller acct, or do you just have to have a bank account?
  8. just registered at UB and had never played this site before, so i thought i'd play in a $500 bonus freeroll.. my question is - what are bonus dollars? just the same as cash, or do they have some alternate purpose on this site?
  9. was just expressin' love for my hometown team and wanted to talk about their upcoming season (which i think will be a really good one). there's no need to fuckin' nit-pick about the title of my post.DOUCHE.
  10. definitely best video drinking game ever. you play take drinks according to points, or what?
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