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  1. Okay guys! I haven't had time to watch all the past High Stakes Living. Can someone list all the parodies from JCs show and tell me which High Stake Living episode he is mocking? Greatly appreciated as I'm totally lost and want to get in on the laughter. Thanks.
  2. Definitely worth trying. I started at step 1 and after about 10 tries, got to step 6. The play at step 6 is decent as long as there is only 1 or 2 pros on the table. It's very tight but if you can make it there, you should be able to at least cash in 6th place for $500.
  3. Mee too! I have E-dog and Justin Bonomo and they finished 1,2 but nooooooooooo, the $5k mixed event is not part of the fantasy pool. Just shoot me.
  4. Thanks for the rail guys. Sorry so short
  5. Cricket, cricket, cricket.
  6. Look at me go in a $2 MTT. Weeeeeee!!!
  7. Me too Bob. I know who I picked. Just confirm that you have it.Phil HellmuthPhil LaakNam LeTim PhanPeter NeffBarry GreensteinMichael BingerLee WatkinsonJustin BonomoShoot - Who's my last pick?
  8. Daniel, you are THE MAN!!!! SO far pokervt looks great and your time and effort show in the sample videos. It seems like a huge project to maintain constantly, so for that, I respect you as it takes a lot of hours, thought process, and editing. Just make sure it doesn't take away from your focus on live/online. Kudos!!!!
  9. Still doesn't work. I Downloaded the latest version of flash and it still brings up a blank screen and freezes. Any other ideas?
  10. Okay, I can't get the videos to work. Since I'm at work, I only have IE as my web browser. How do I get the vids to work?
  11. What about the whole "Negreanu reveals the advanced tournament strategy that the pros have been hiding." Is that worth anything? Also, his small ball approach, is that topic useful/interesting? I'm ready to sign up but just need to be sold a little bit more.
  12. I'm in too via same satellite. I think the 1000FPP satellites are much easier than trying to beat a field of 200 or 500 people. I had about 1900fpps and rolled the dice on the 6 player satellite.
  13. So what are you saying? Bet on each team to win their series in the second round? Can you even make that bet? Don't you either bet on each individual game or on who wins the whole thing? Enlighten me O wise one.
  14. How close is it? Also, does the number of chips you have left after the call play a role? I just don't find it to be a very good call in terms of pot odds as well as the number of people who are already all in before you.
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