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  1. Currently playing $10K Guaranteed on Stars. User name: JoeyFinngarsAround 170 left to go....sitting around 30th
  2. Came in 5th for $85.Played a couple of key hands poorly with some ill timed calls as the blinds got high which left me the short stack.Thanks for the rail guys.
  3. 2/6....playing well but not getting too many cards at the moment.
  4. Lol....took me a second to figure that out, I'm a little tired.
  5. Hey guys....need the FCP support to pull this win off.Tourney #361185437S/N: JoeyFinngarsSitting 5/9
  6. took 2nd for $245.....headsup i over played AAxx and handed over the chiplead, then got it in with nut flush draw vs. set and thats all she wrote.
  7. 3 left....i have 1.1 mill 2nd place has 380k , 3rd 200k
  8. a couple of big hands and the chip leader going on tilt puts me in 1st with double everyone else....5 left.
  9. thanks3 of 7 now and completely card dead. blinds are getting high.
  10. Tournament 288447069$330 for 1st...currently I am 2/9.If anyone is bored come rail the table.
  11. Can you give us micro-grinders some tips on how to kick ass like you?Always interested in hearing how the successful players manage to maintain consistent results.
  12. After watching most of PAD the Cash Game last week I am really impressed with Brandon Adams play. He is very calm, cool and collected and seems to make the right play most of the time. I know he is big into game theory and believe he even teaches a course on it at Harvard. With that being said does anyone know good beginner books on general game theory?Also, what are your thoughts on Brandon's play?
  13. This was a bad fold for several reasons:1. the villain is very loose and saw free money in the pot from all the limper's, he could be raising any two cards here. (any back story on this guy, other than just loose)2. because his range is so wide here it is possible he has a top pair type hand (10/9, K10, etc...) or something like 89 or maybe a flush draw. Perfect hands for your friend to get paid off with.3. agree with all the other posts, if he calls the $50 pre-flop he should be looking to get as much value as possible from the villain. The board is coordinated but he should be way ahead here
  14. I've run into this scenario before on many occasions. The only thing to do is play the hand out with as few mistakes as possible and whatever happens, happens. Don't focus on the fact you lost a couple of bets if you played the hand correctly, the bottom line is you play the hand proper.
  15. I have this issue online as well. Draw heavy board comes and I hit a top pair type hand, instead of playing thoughtful poker and extracting value from their "draw" or inferior hand I end up pushing them out. I guess it comes down to thinking every situation through from pre-flop to river and assessing as you go along. Too many times I put it in auto-mode and just coast through the hand hoping for the best outcome.
  16. I like your picks but have to say that would be a very tough table to beat. I would choose mine solely based on entertainment factor alone and will go with:1. Daniel Negreanu2. Phil Laak3. Eli Elezra4. Sammy Farha5. Doyle BrunsonI think this table would be full of chatter, much like the early seasons of High Stakes Poker. I was going to put Mike Matusow on the list but he would probably get on my nerves after an hour. I also wouldn't mind Freddy Deeb as I think he is a great player and an all around good guy.
  17. Gibler,First and foremost congrats on your huge win. This is truly monumental and we are all proud of you!Secondly, would you be interested in posting your top 5-10 hands from this tournament and dissecting them with complete analysis?I am always interested in hearing how great players think throughout hands and am interested in hearing about some of your best/worst hands from the tournament.JoeyFinngars
  18. Are the players you are playing against competent enough to take an opponents playing style into account when calling preflop?Do they notice when a player hasn't played a hand in 45 minutes and is playing tight?When I play at Niagara the first thing I do is setup the image that I am a tight player (at times very tight) and I usually do this for the first 30-45 minutes at the table. Once I feel my image is established I will test the waters so to speak by trying to pick up small pots in position. If I get resistance or notice the table isn't astute enough to recognize my nitty tendencies then I
  19. When you re-raised why did you make it $60?You mentioned that you were trying to take it down there but also would like to see a flop. Did you consider raising a smaller amount?Personally I would have made it $40-45, your most likely going to be called by at least one player and this amount keeps the pot smaller in case you want to float the flop.My ideal play here would be to flat call in position against these players and let them dictate the betting on the flop. If you connect carry on in the hand, if not then toss it away with minimal damage.
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