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  1. yea but the tournaments are more than 1 day(I think 2 day max except for M.E.). So if you survive day one then you can't play the next day's tournament.Still a heck of a lot of $$$ though.
  2. The problem with using science and other(human) methods is that it's all based on our assumptions. Everybody KNEW the Earth was flat=scienceBleeding people who are sick, cures them=scienceThe same science that told us those things were fact is now telling us that the Earth MUST be "X years old".Fact?If you believe the Bible is true, don't you have to be a creationist?In the beginning God created...
  3. Heads up SNG's don't count.50% itm is unbelivably hard, probably impossible even for the best poker players in the world.
  4. they are articles Daniel has written in the past for Cardplayer Magazine.http://cardplayer.com/poker_magazine/archives/?a_id=19http://cardplayer.com/poker_magazine/archi...ves/?a_id=12235-Travis
  5. Small Stakes Hold'em by Ed Miller.For tournaments- Tournament Poker for Advanced Players by Sklansky is the nizzuts :wink: . The chapter on the Gap Concept is worth the price of the book x's 10.-Travis
  6. The red was written by Mason Malmuth. I would say he knows a little about poker. I'm *glad* that he isn't "too shy" to share his poker knowledge. It has obviously been taken out of context. "20 or 30 big bets" proves that it has. I mean 20bb's at a game 10 times smaller is only 2bb. I've read and I think I understand what both Nutbar and Party Day are and aren't. I'm sure it can be valuable. Nutbar helps you get into the minds of those good loose/aggressive players and understand what they are thinking. I think the right environment is key. Are there any long lasting benifits for me? I rec
  7. I personally wouldn't intentionally give up value by playing crazy. However I understand the idea and the "fun" behind it. I wouldn't have fun playing less than the best I could but to each his own...I'm a member of a couple other boards and this is from a very well known player/author in response to the idea of party day or nutbar...I think this idea is about as dumb as they get. It takes a long time to recover 20 or 30 big bets which is probably what you expect to lose.Stuff like this, might make a little sense if you're playing against the same small group of players all the time and they
  8. I like the open for 3x's the big blind.When it gets back to me for 35 that is a tough spot. Folding getting that much on your call is tough(especially if hes capable of making a move on you). I'd probably call and see a flop. I really don't like the all in. Your stack is too big(in relation to the blinds) to get desprete. If you had <100 I think it would be more justifiable. Folding preflop is better than the all in.How would you rate your tournament skill level to the others at the table?Are you by far the best player at the table?Are you just a little better than everyone?Average compar
  9. it's basically just your chance of losing the entire bankroll(the higher ror the smaller the bankroll, the smaller ror the bigger the bankroll)I've heard that using a 2-5% ror is good and will be a pretty good balance(between the limit you play and your bankroll).-Travis
  10. Somebody gave me this and it helped me a lot with the exact question you're asking...BR = -(SD^2/(2*WR))*LN(ROR)where SD is your Std deviation, WR is your winrate and ROR is your desired Risk of Ruin.-Travis
  11. :? Apparently you fail to understand the $10,000 buy-in and the title MAIN EVENT. There is a reason the buy-in for the main event is so much and the winner of the event is World Champion of Poker."is *so* much". That is the point. It ISN'T SO much anymore. In 1970 it was SO MUCH. In 2004 it isn't.The Bellagio has an event that is a $25K buy in and most tournament's main event is 10K.
  12. I think they should do one of two things...1. raise it to at least 25K. The main event should be at least that of other casino's regular buy in annual events.2. keep the main event at 10K and crown the world champion in that event. But, add another event that's a higher buy in. Say $100K. That way there would be a "pro's pro" type of prestige tournament(like 10K was in 1970). This event could be hold'em or(to please Daniel) hose or horse event.-Travis
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