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  1. Yes. According to my math, 40cents is 499.60 less than $500.
  2. A234 and A236 are other good contenders.
  3. IN THIS SITUATION: you are not going to fold, your best play is simple: push. If you want to stop and go out of position (which is somewhat moronic) you would have probably been called by 88 by an agressive player anyway; same outcome.IN GENERAL: You should push everytime and I think your a huge favorite against his range of hands that he'll raise and even call with. Stop and go isn't respected a lot so I don't think you want to make that play with AK even if you are in position.It seems like you're upset because you lost a coinflip.. but I'm telling you now and you'll hear it a million times.
  4. "crap! hahahah, i thought I had 7To, not two lousy aces."
  5. BC Blueberry!haha my guess is blueberry would **** you up too much to play poker.. I think near-headies are optimal for poker if you're a experienced smoker.
  6. HAHAHA that is AWESOME.But on topic.. why would that affect your game? Admittedly it is actually hard to get physical tells off stoners because they're much more relaxed. Fortunately their play is awful and predictable through betting.. so it should've actually helped.
  7. It's only cheating if you're playing your brother headsup and hes in the next room and you kick him in the back of the head. I'd raise anyway.
  8. in an SNG I might think you have a boat but I'm still calling with nut flush on that board every time.
  10. Trust me... the shaking is a monster. Flopped nuts, Aces, things like that. It's a release of tension that's real hard to control... same thing with heavy breathing and heart racing.It varies..an experienced player doesn't get nervous with big hands.. but they sometimes can't control their body language if they're betting big when they KNOW they're beat.
  11. Took me probably 5-7 months before I felt comfortable beating my first limit.
  12. Maybe if you protected your hand after hitting a very favorable flop he wouldn't have drawn out on you.
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