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  1. Does anyone actually like Vince Van Patten? I really cannot stand his commonetary, He provides no insight into the hand, all he really does is say "What great players we have tonight." "Phil Ivey, the heart of a Champion" "And now we're going out to this weeks Poker Corner with Shana Hiatt."Not to mention I can not stand his freaking Hair! Honestly, I know you played Tennis during the 80's early 90's but honestly, cut that crap off, he spends more time infront of the mirror than anyone else.I'm not a huge fan of Sexton, I don't think he provides any great insight into the hand but at least his
  2. NL 7 card stud sounds horrible! PL is only slightly better. I find that 7 card stud is all about draws and how to play them.So, Bad Idea NL/PL 7 card
  3. Thx for the Replys, I was thinknig before about setting up a camera because I know it's not one of normal tells, i.e shaking hands, betting differntly, leaning back, holding my breath. I've made sure I don't do any of those. So heres a second part, what are some of your tells, that are more complicated then just betting pattern or shaking of your hands?(adidas freak, Send me a Msg of your name. Cause I live in Corona, Ca. Maybe I know you and if not.... I need more money )
  4. I was wonder if anyone knows a good way to spot your own tells. I have read many poker books including Mike Caros Book on Poker Tells. I can spot tells here and there are players I've played with for only a little bit, but last night my Girlfriend (Who is quite a good poker player herself) said she figured out a tell on me and proceeded to call fairly accuratly the strength of my hands and refuses to tell me. Being a Guy I cannot allow my girlfriend to beat me in poker, I want to see her win and do well against anyone else, but just not against me. Any Suggestions?
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