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  1. you have no idea what running bad is. You are not the unluckiest play. Mike Matusow is. I am second. You might be third. that is all.i am leaving the mispelling of player to show how my poor run has caused me to drink.
  2. Mistakes:1. reraise pf at least 3X his initial raise You need to protect your hand oop.2. You can check the flop, but it's risky with so few chips to play with, I'd bet right out 3/4 the pot. Also, you're first to act. This is not a big mistake, but with 2 face cards out there, I'd be worried about exactly what hit you.3. Turn bet pot (your bet was fine)4. No way in hell I am putting any money in the pot on the river... What's he going to call your all in with besides a queen?my 2 cents
  3. A 10 dies to preflop re raises.You're dominated by virtually every hand that he could re raise with...
  4. Play hours, not results. Running bad happens to everyone: it's just your turn. As long as you're playing well, you'll eventually work out of your slump.What advice you'll hear is the following:1. Take a break2. Play different games3. Massage the rabbit's foot4. Play lower stakesThese are only necessary if your results are hurting your play. It doesn't sound like that's the case quite yet.
  5. Ok, so is he the guy who got second in the "Biggest ****** in the Universe Contest"? Seriously, I have no clue who the guy is.
  6. Cool, thanks Simo. Out of curiosity, what sort of mathematics would I need to learn to understand the book?
  7. When in Atlantis I cracked it open on the beach. I quickly realized that it was not beach reading, then I got mad when he said you only need 5 sng buy ins in your br if that's what you play. Mainly because thats the most moronic thing i've ever read.Did anyone actually read the book? If so, is it worth working through?
  8. You know, if Daniel keeps running this way, its going to make all of his haters really upSET!
  9. Chris Ferguson Knocks Out a WomanDid anyone else laugh when they read this update title?
  10. # Wed Jul 11 2007 20:48 GMTDaniel Negreanu Eliminates Susie Isaacs and Wins a Huge PotA player in middle position raised to 3,100 and Susie Isaacs and Daniel Negreanu both called. The flop came {2-Spades}{5-Hearts}{A-Diamonds} and the original raiser bet 7,000. Isaacs moved in for 19,700 and Negreanu called. The raiser then moved all-in and had Negreanu covered."I think I've got you guys crushed...but I'm not sure," Negreanu said before making the call. He turned over pocket Deuces for bottom set while Isaacs held {A-Clubs}{J-Spades} and the other player {A-Hearts}{K-Hearts}. The {6-Spades} o
  11. Honestly, I've been following his updates in his earlier wsop tournys. I was expecting to see those hands criticized. But yeah, I really can't say I am too impressed with the kid's game. Whether it be lack of experience, lack of game, or whatever else, I don't see him making any sort of dent in the ME. Also, Flyingdonkey, we should have some respect for what? The protege's game? Based on the hands that i've read, his game commands far more criticism than it does respect.
  12. The general rule when you're playing against bad players is the following: play big pots only when you have really big hands. Here, you have a solid hand that you should see a flop with (not a hand you can stack him with unless you get an AQx flop or a kj10 flop). I would call his little re raise and wait to see what he does on a flop where the pot is not as big. His hand really does feel like a very poorly played AK, but I guess JJ is also possible. I think the odds of him having KK or QQ after the flop are far lower... It'd be a REALLY ballsy play. I wouldn't reraise preflop. I'd just
  13. well, i would NEVER make this play... but that doesn't mean it's wrong. Thing is, I've never played limits high enough that players were good enough that I would HAVE to do something like this. Find the weak players and take their money either by bulling over their weak hands, or having them pay off your big hands. Frankly, I don't think you have to do this at 1-2 to be a very winning player. It's very possible that sb has a flush. After his flop bet i put him on a flush draw, personally. I do agree with the first responder that you need to make your reraise bigger so as to give th
  14. i hate the bet mainly because you call him a fish. Was this really the best way you could think of to stack someone who's game you deem to be so bad? The thing that makes your "fish" a fish is that he'll give you his chips at minimal risk to your own stack. Now, he's put you to a very difficult decision. I don't see you folding this hand, and i forgot how much money you have in front of you. Depending on that you either need to go with it and completely pay him off, or you can just call and pray to hit the riv.EDIT:yeah, he could easily have 5-8 or a boat based on what you've written bef
  15. I wouldn't move on with this hand. I would think that AT BEST you're up against a straight/ heart draw. I would put one on 55 and the other on a hand like jqhh depending on your read of the two players... I mean, I mess around with all sorts of hands, but I am playing nowhere near 5-10 yet.
  16. I would like to vote for flushgarden having the best avatar in town.
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