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  1. i guess i just got some gamble in me cause i dont mind losing with the 2nd nutz
  2. no argueing with you there...i just think there is nothing wrong with OP playing 25-30% of his hands. like i said earlier, i agree with smash changing it up depending on your situation in your game selection.
  3. then i wouldn't sweat the peeps berating you. you got a plan, your implementing it and staying disciplined to it. good luck
  4. yes it is looser. but if you raise with it it thus becomes aggressive. that is why they have those loose/passive players and your loose/aggressive players. there is nothing wrong with the a loose/aggressive style if you are comfortable and can play it successful.
  5. if you play the style for a raise rather then a call it becomes more aggressive in a manner of speakings. it is all rhetorical language anyway
  6. that is a little tight for my preferences. i think your biggest mistake was telling u the table what u folded since they might started calling u with junk just to out flop you (i know i would). but it is all relative, just play in your comfort zone and make decisions that you feel are right.
  7. 25-30 percent is just a more aggressive style of play. there isnt necessarily anything wrong with it, just a different style then the tighter player who sees like 20 percent of the flops. i would go with smash's advice of how to play different with the different games since each style has its advantages in different situations.
  8. it is 9 eastern time and they were playing at 7 in the morning earlier today
  9. ivey has been playing him heads up all day owning him, this is more then a session, this is a marathon
  10. ivey, grinder, prahlad, and perry friedman sitting playing 50-100nl at fulltilt
  11. some guy who told me in another thread that i have no idea how to play.i dont declare to be all knowing, but i am not a completely retarded, maybe only 44 percent imbecile
  12. Juan Carlos recollected: “Mike Matusow raised me with the worst of it the previous day and I mucked my hand. But I have a long memory. I saw that he was raising with nothing. So, one hand when the blinds were $10,000-$20,000, Mike looked at me and raised my blind to $70,000. I knew he didn’t have anything. I decided I was going to raise to $200,000 no matter what I had. After I raised, Mike said very slowly, ‘Ray-zzz,’ and raised to $380,000. I said, ‘All in.’ Two seconds later, Mike mucked and I showed Q-8. I knew he didn’t have a hand he wanted to invest all of his chips with.”Although Juan
  13. in no limit it is completely acceptable to make a play at the pot if you feel your opponent will not put all their chips in the pot. no limit takes a creativity that is exemplified by a lot of the top pros. I can put money on it that carlos mortenson would make that play on you in a heartbeat if u showed weakness like that kid did with his QQ with any range of hands that were unable to win a showdown.
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