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  1. So im in a 5/10 NL game with no cap..ive bought in for 2k and ive got around 5k in front of me. here goes. Im in MP and i make it 35 with AcQc. CO calls and button a tight player raises to 130. I call CO folds. Flop is 843 2 clubs. I check he fires 300 i call. turn comes an 8. a very scary card for him if he does have a big pocket pair so I decide im gonna use to my advantage. He has around 3k when the hand started btw. SO i check the turn with the board 8438 with 2 clubs he fires 500. I think about what my best play is and if i have any fold equity. i thought about check calling but i know i
  2. You have to think about the fact that booth asks ivey preflop how much he is playing and that hes thinking about implied odds and what his hand could be worth if he hits and ivey does have a big pair. So by raising ivey all in he sees it as his only way to win. See he can call that bet and then raise the turn if a scare card comes but ivey would have commited more money at that point and might be forced to call, when he re raises him on the flop he knows ivey knows will probably not be willing to call all that money with a big pair because ivey knows he has played it like a big pair and brad b
  3. my friend sent him a private email and raymer is just threatening. check this message i got from stars todayHello Anatoly,No one related to your account or 'Ikeyrson' will be allowed to play at PokerStars again. Please take your business somewhere else.Kind regards,JorgePokerStars Security
  4. amazon says march 21st..thats 2morrow fools whos gonna get it
  5. it says april 27th on amazon, but is this true cause im gonna go to barnes and nobles 2morrow to see if its out. why has noone even mentioned this. the bible of holdem is coming out and noone seems to care
  6. dude it was my close friend that guessed his password. i transferred him 20 bucks 2 weeks prior so my account go deactivated too and I am banned from stars as well. My friend spoke to greg and he said that he is most likely going to press charges and this is a very serious matter. my friend is so dumb and his dumping techniques were so dumb, if i found out raymers password i would slow down and think of the smartest way to extract the cash
  7. how do u know it says march 21st. Im def. goin to check bookstores that day to be 100 percent sure
  8. Amazon.com says it comes out march 21st 2007, can this be true, is it finally judgement day
  9. phil gordons little blue book....he has some interesting hands to think about like shoving all in in multi way pots with open ended straight flush draws and such...you just gotta think about cash game strategy and getting it all in even if ur a slight fav because 1 you might have some fold equity and 2 in the long run being a slight fav makes u a big winner
  10. Funniest **** ever..just seen all the videos at billfillmaff.com and some other ones on youtube...This guy just rips hellmuth apart and does some hilarious over exaggerated impressions. Fillmaff is always saying hes the overdog in any tournament he plays and just does hilarious hellmuth antics.Some funny quotes from the videos after he busts out when his top set gets cracked by runner runner quads. Its basically fillmaff making fun of hellmuth after he loses to annie duke in the TOC 2004:"Unbelievable, ****en Unbelievable. My reverse implied odds were 500000:900. I win that hand a million time
  11. Nah there was no rake they just played off tips. basically 5 bucks min a hand cause thats the lowest denomination
  12. yea bro it was shitty the first guy who opened the door got ziptied for like an hour. IT was prob around 8 feds all with bulletproof vests and guns
  13. A regular 5/10 NL game in miami got raided today by FBI. I thought it was a very friendly and close game. Everyone knows eachother and theres prob 20 players max that cycle through it. But tonight the feds came busting through the door. Thank god the game was credit, cause they seized nothing. We were all getting searhced and the guy pulls out 7k from my pocket and my fake i.d which they never even took. THey shut the game down but hey it couldve been a lot worse. Thank God im not in jail
  14. where is it thers on espisode 5 up yet on mook300
  15. Nice blog daniel i was dieing laughing after i read that it was all fake. you love gassing people up buddy lol keep em coming
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