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  1. THAT'S ALLEN he made several really bad plays when i was at the bike during Legends of Poker. nice guy though
  2. I will set the over/under for entrants on the 50k horse event at 250 anyone willing to take the over can pm me.
  3. Good job im sure the members of the corp. need bankroll advice from you. They have plenty of bankroll and talent to compete in this game. If Beal should beat them for 20-30 mil it would not kill them as they have lots of borrowing power. A loss at these stakes would hurt sure but would not cripple them.
  4. Ted was the 1st to stray from the super aggressive counter Beal's aggression with more aggresion strategy. Doyle argued for Todd when a few of the original corp. members wanted to limit membership in the group. He basically said Todd's in or I will give him some $ to sit in the game whenever he wants. Todd apparently had plenty of $ to join group except a few members wanted to limit membership to increase their expected share of the profits.
  5. Mike Laing is a worldclass player and worldclass drinker
  6. another thing all those fancy toys and he has a newspaper for a mousepad
  7. Who is that looking thru the desk? Looks like Avo from live at the bike.
  8. 6th of 12 left $10 trn 18043914 . skipeddoda 843 started
  9. stars will not open connections are all 100%. all other poker sites will come up. i uninstalled stars and redownloaded it and still nothing been 2 days now any ideas?
  10. eugenel aka dreamclown lost at least 30k hu to bonus code 555 on ub earlier now may be a good time for dn to play him. eugeneel was talking trash to bonuscode 555 calling him fish and such seemed to be on tilt a little bit
  11. im out. lost big pot to imsoluckyO i had 99 he had A10 he was all in preflop catches a 10. lost last 440 with i moved in after flop in raised pot flop was aaj 2 clubs i had q10 clubs got called by k10 off k hi good.
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