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  1. Because fat people are the key that unlocks the soul...that and Bret Michaels.
  2. Chris PaulKobe BryantLebron JamesChris BoshDwight HowardThese guys might put up some points...Sick...
  3. Nash has a lot working against him right now. Namely the style the Suns play. I mean Nash was good in Dallas, but playing in the Run-and-Gun style implemented by Mike D'Antoni has only inflated his numbers. The Suns style 'help' a lot of players appear better than they are. Except for Joe Johnson, everyone that has played on the Suns, and left over the last 6 years, has seen a steep decline in their production on other teams. I know that other factors play into it, but I have a feeling Nash wouldnt be quite as productive in another system. So when you compare him to the greats, I am not sure h
  4. If Picard and Gordi are in it, I'd watch.
  5. these seems like a stretch...Do you think you might be making too many assumptions?
  6. Why is it a Myth that Duncan is a PF? When he came into the L, he played next to David Robinson as a PF, and though there were stints in his career he has played Center (mainly because he is that good), he has mainly played as a PF. Nazr Mohammed, Radoslav Nesterovic and Francisco Elson are all true centers, and they recently brought in McDyess to play C. Who do you think qualifies as the greatest PF ever?
  7. Ready for some more hot ass girls in skimpy outfits... Bring it on!
  8. http://www.comingsoon.net/news/movienews.php?id=66355Looks like they are aiming in the right direction if this girl is being considered as her replacement.
  9. But the producers seemed to genuinely care about these characters. What say you?
  10. I count 8 people who fell for that.
  11. Has there ever been a time that movie/TV audiences weren't fascinated with Vampires and the Supernatural? Lets see...some of the most popular Vampire/Supernatural Movies/TV ShowsMoviesVan Helsing (2004) (yes it sucked but one of the top grossing vampire films)Interview with the Vampire (1994) Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)The Blade Trilogy (1998-2004)The Underworld Trilogy (2003-2009)From Dusk Till Dawn (1996)The Lost Boys (1987)Fright Night (1985)GhostBusters I-II (1984-1989)Poltergeist (1982)The Sixth Sense (1996)The Shining (1980)Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992)TelevisionBuffy The Vampire Slay
  12. 1. Evangeline Lilly2. Emelie de Ravin3. Maggie Grace
  13. Where is Haley Joel Osment when you need him?
  14. I'm gonna skip most of her flicks...unless she shows some cooch or ta-tas. God Bless Mr. Skin.
  15. Eff, Marry, Kill?1. Roseanne2. Rosie O'Donnell3. Rosie Perez
  16. You guys wouldn't know innovation if it sat on your face and called you Daddy.Its "EFF", Marry, Kill?
  17. Looks like Shia will have to eff some other smokin' hott babe on his way to John Stamos status in Hollywood.
  18. Eff, Marry, Kill?1. Erica Schoenberg2. Vanessa Rousso3. Tiffany Michelle
  19. Eff, Marry, Kill?1. Kathy Griffin2. Cyndie Lauper3. Ellen Degeneres
  20. Clearly you aren't reading between the lines. She bitched about Bay to the press, basically calling him a pompous bastard who ran the set like 'Hitler'. You are telling me that all the bad mouthing she did about the director of one of the industry's wealthiest franchises, has NOTHING to do with her 'release'. Maybe Julia Roberts or Meg Ryan could get away with something like that, but Megan Fox is lucky to have been cast, as would any neophyte hottie.And who the hell is Ms. Fox...was she your 8th Grade Math Teacher?...Pardon me while I go rub one out to that thought.
  21. http://www.comingsoon.net/news/movienews.php?id=66229One of the truly colossal FAILS in movie history. This chick will never get more exposure or more dough in her life than from this franchise. Have some effing respect. She should be s*cking Michael Bay's wang just for casting her. Not a fan of the 2nd film but you know the 3rd will still make more than the first two. Its just bad business. And damn Michael Bay for letting her walk. Now he's got to find some other hott piece of ass to exploit.
  22. Gonna have to rank The Big Bang Theory over Community...but it's a close 2nd.
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