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  1. Yeah it's been a while. My wife and I had a little boy a while back and I've had to make some sacrifices :)Life is good on this side of the pond. Hope it's treating you and yours well.I'll leave you to do what you do best... would be a bit mean to steal your thunder.Just dropped in to say God bless (really!)
  2. ...and yet the KKK is a Christian organisation. Go figure.Hi BG, how you been!?
  3. ... Like shooting fish in a barrel
  4. Look at the post BG is responding to.Taken in context, it shows you the reasons we love him to bits, despite his penchant for being wrong
  5. Don't look now but that's actually what we are doing and quite frankly it's not going that good for you Now rewind back through the argument... WTF? Try saying that again in English.Although it looks like you are going to try and redefine the meaning of repent. If that's the case, don't bother. Let's just leave it at game set and match to the small green jedi.
  6. "Religion is a crutch for people not strong enough to stand up to the unknown without help...." Robert HeinleinReligion is turned to due to fearFear of death. Fear of punishment. Fear of not being loved. Fear of insignificance. Fear of exclusion. Fear of not understanding. When times are tough you are anxious. You are scared. It is only natural to ask for help. That it is from an irrational source matters not - fear overrides common sense
  7. Oh dear. This is farcical. Let's recap. I say there are people for whom repentance is impossible and you say " they [could] make a calculated decision about their actions without feeling right or wrong?" and ask to be savedEphesians 2:9 actual supports my argument that an action without genuine intent is worthless. I'm not even going to bother to spell it out to you. Simply go to any Bible study group of your choosing online and let your fellow Christians spell it out for youBetter still lets ask Jesus if he values repentanceLuke 5:32I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to r
  8. SS, by any chance have you ever had an IQ test?Did you pass?
  9. nh The meaning of repent is to feel sorry for your wrong doings, and again I'm sure the Bible says that repetence is necessary to be saved.Of course I could just sit here and say "Jesus, forgive me my sins and save me" without believing in God or Jesus or that any of my sins are all that bad and Pascal's wager goes up in a puff of smoke.That would really piss brvheart off
  10. No, they can understand their sin, but without morals they don't feel it is wrong. When you apologise for doing something that you don't feel is wrong are you being genuine?I'm not saying that 'this way to heaven' is flawed. I'm showing you that your claim that morals come from God ultimately contradicts other teachings from the Bible. Calculated => no remorse => no salvation.If it doesn't feel wrong, asking for forgiveness will always be disingenuous.All they need to be genuine is a moral compass yet if God is the source of this, then it is obviously his choice that these people can't
  11. I appreciate all of the above, however the bolded part is where it falls apart. Unless I really misunderstand Christianity, the asking for forgiveness must be genuine.The sinner must regret their sin, must have remorse.For a person who is born a sociopath this is impossible. They have no concious, no concept of right and wrong so they can never genuinely regret their sins, and as you say none are born without sinThus they are born with no chance of ever being saved. This is in contradiction to the claim that heaven is available to all.Therefore the 'morals from God' model failsEDIT: I was
  12. Excellent. If this were the case all would be born equal, with everyone having access to their own moral compass. From there free-will allows us to listen to this moral compass as we see fit.Now explain how people are born as sociopaths using the "God as a source" model. Who gets 'chosen' to be unable to connect to this compass and be condemned to hell?
  13. No it isn't. Care to reread and try again? Oh please try and use that to explain all of the aboveplease, please, please Other than empathy?
  14. Uhh, now your just being childish. (and anyway you started it so nah nah nah nah nah)It's obvious the post above is a dig without substance...As king of the inflamitary trolling you should be able to take your medicine better. Or does "do unto others" not apply to you?
  15. Actually I don't refer to the British 'stats' as they are farcical. You probably not aware but there have been strong movements in the UK to disrupt census taking. Probably due to the fact that you get pulled over by road side police to have data 'gathered' here.To give you an feel for how ridiculous the census here is, 'anarchists' - for want of a better term started a movement to revolt against the religousity questions and answer 'Jedi' as your preferred religion. It was so successful that the 2001 you mentioned Jedi was actually listed as an official religion. Apparantly 1% of Brits ar
  16. No. I'm simply countering your point that morals could not have been developed through evolution, which apart from some smoke and mirrors wrapped around eugenics, you've provided no evidence for other than to repeat it over and over.It's not a "one or the other situation". There could be countless other possiblities that explain it. Therefore we should look at each case on it's merits and remove those that fail.The morals from the Christian "God did it" scenario fails to explain - lack of higher moral behaviour from Christians (not saying they are worse; just no better) - sociopaths - 'evil
  17. Here is a very interesting study on the neural basis of human moralshttp://www.nature.com/nrn/journal/v6/n10/abs/nrn1768.htmlAbstract:"Moral cognitive neuroscience is an emerging field of research that focuses on the neural basis of uniquely human forms of social cognition and behaviour. Recent functional imaging and clinical evidence indicates that a remarkably consistent network of brain regions is involved in moral cognition. These findings are fostering new interpretations of social behavioural impairments in patients with brain dysfunction, and require new approaches to enable us to under
  18. It simply shows that behaviour is driven by multiple inputs. Maslow (sp?) and his heirarchy of needs gives a simplistic explanantion as to why you get variation in human behaviour.People will react with empathy being a primary factor on some occasions and will ignore it in others. The fact that animals follow the same pattern strengthens the argument that altuistic (if you discount emotive rewards) behaviour is biological in it's source.What we gain by going in this direction is shooting another hole in the God gave us morals theory.And it allows me to show this video which is really sweet
  19. But at a much, much greater percentage of the time by atheist. Who make up such a tiny percentage of the populationSo you are saying that with a massive number of people, there are a lot of scumbags..unless they are atheist, then you don't need as many people to find the scumbagsActually this is wrong. All studies on the subject show that athiests commit crime at a much lower rate than theists. Much lower.The also get divorced at a lower rate and have higher IQ'sAll round much nicer people us athiests.
  20. This is where BG wraps up eugenics and trys to sell it as evolution.
  21. Morality is doing what is right not matter what you are toldReligion is doing what you are told no matter what is right
  22. There is no reason to doubt ScientologyWhat more proof could you possibly need?
  23. Medicus curat, natura sanat
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