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  1. great game. Well. Lousy game, great finish. I’m not knowledgeable at all on the NBA. What now? Can the raps win conference then final?
  2. I don’t know much about hoops, but I think they refer to that game just played by the raps as ‘****8ng awful’
  3. was it a battle? That entire episode was shot so dark that I could have been watching the Andy Griffith show and be able t9 tell the difference. Eye strain city.
  4. Kinda nailed it. Which means nothing since I got just about every other series wrong...
  5. if ovi hadn’t knocked the kid out, everyone would be praising svechnikov for getting ovi off the ice for a 5 minute fighting major.
  6. preds is correct. The other team is the New Jersey devils.
  7. Only three teams have never been swept in a playoff series. One of them is Las Vegas Can you name the other two? One is shocking to me....
  8. FWIW here’s how I see it.... Goaltending: even. Rask at his best is better, but very easily put off his game by a bump or even a mistake by his own team Andersen steadier but still capable of a stinker. Defensive: well, yeah. Toronto is not good. And not tough. In my mind, Boston’s only handicap is if they play chara too much. Toronto’s speed and cheating out of the zone will make chara look like a statue. Forwards: interesting. Toronto is infinitely more talented. Boston is more experienced. The longer the series goes the more Toronto’s youth and speed will play. But that
  9. agreed. Vegas never gets it wrong. Toronto -140 dog and that’s with the huge handle Toronto fans will ring up.
  10. This narrative that the leafs have no chance against the bruins is ludicrous. Sure, not the best matchup for them but come on.... lucky to win one game? That’s just not true, IMO...
  11. it was sketchy for a bit. But risk a lot to save a lot. Worth it. Tragic. I feel for Corrado too. Guys been cutting hair there for like 50 years.
  12. It was our station amd my shift that was first in. Incredibly tough conditions, fire was through the whole building. We wouldn’t even have gone inside because of the high level of heat and fire except it was known there were likely occupants. The two guys from the squad at my hall pulled both victims out of the basement. Even for us, pretty dramatic rescue. Tough one.
  13. That’s what my wife calls me.
  14. yeah... nasty. Super hot, dark, and dangerous.
  15. it was a good day for a nasty Chinatown fire. Not.
  16. And 60 seconds after I post that he scores.
  17. Boy oh boy, I thought Jake Muzzin would be a decent depth acquisition, but he’s been GREAT. Impressive.
  18. so hard to work in this cold. We are still there today. The aerial platform in the left side of that picture froze solid and is now broken. The cold, weight of the ice, gear freezing up... makes a dangerous job twice as lethal.
  19. there’s two documentaries... both good. Although you can’t beat the ‘Andy, we need you to take one for the team’ scene in the Netflix one.
  20. I’m going on vacation on Tuesday for a week! If anyone wants to gut the rest of the talent from my team, make an offer!
  21. absolutely, if you travel a lot into the US, you know from US CBP questioning their number one concern is that you will be leaving the US once you’re there. They want a return ticket, proof that you have funds to travel home. They DGAF what the hell youre going to do, they just want to make sure you’re going to leave.
  22. not to defend ANY kind of bullying, because it’s all wrong and there is NEVER a reason... but Comtois was already a target because of the diving incident. This just gave assholes even more wrong justification to pile onto a kid.
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