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  1. Thanks for doing this for me (and slink). Just sent from DDKong on tilt.DK
  2. Anyone willing to help me with a transfer. I'll send you 20 on tilt and then you send bdc 20 on stars for me?
  3. This is a great idea. Can I get the queen of Diamonds.Also I only have money on Tilt so I'll try and find a someone to transfer with. If anyone is willing to swap me 20 for this let me know.DK
  4. DDKong on FTP with the Panda and Chicago for the city. It's also DDKong on Stars if you need to ship there instead, but I'd prefer FTP. Good job Gallo congrats, and thanks PSU for running this.DK
  5. SpeedKills I'm going to assume were good since I shipped before the games. GG.
  6. Ok 20 Shipped to DONTTELLMOM on Tilt. Hope your the cat with first letter of city S. Still looking to take Temple +6 for 10 if anyone wants it.DK
  7. Also I'd like Temple +6 vs. Arizona State for 10 if anyone wants it. I can only send on Tilt though, but can accept on Tilt or Stars.
  8. Can't believe I haven't seen this thread before this. I'll take Cornell +13 and West Virginia -9 for 10 each if you'll take money on Tilt. Since these are my first bets here I'll send beforehand if you want to hold, let me know.DK
  9. Why not?Shipped 20 from DDKong on FTP.
  10. Those of you not keeping up with the 2+2 thread might want to go take a look. Looks like the found a link between Russ Hamilton's address being the address on the account of one of the superusers.
  11. Well if you want me to look up something else, now is a good time to ask since I'm bored and at work for another hour or so...
  12. Ummmm, its right dude. Here is the Brewers batting totals with the bases loaded for every season. I really don't want to explain what I do for a living on this board but I'd bet any amount of money you want on the information below....1969 to 2008 Team Batting Leaders (with Bases Loaded) (Regular Season since 1974) - Top 50 Team Season G AB R H 2B 3B HR RBI BB IBB SO AVG OBP SLG1 Milwaukee Brewers 1995 - 127 - 44 7 0 10 134 9 0 21 0.346 0.361 0.6382t Milwaukee Brewers 1980 - 100 - 32 3 0 8 96 5 0 13 0.32 0.328 0.592t Milwaukee Brewers 2007 - 111 - 33 5 2 8 107 5 0 23 0.297
  13. The correct answer is 76,86, and 06. I can't give you a link but I have access to the foxsports database so your gonna have to trust me. I'll work on getting something printable to you here in a few minutes.Dirk
  14. weeeeeee. Its been a while, these are fun. I'll get in 1 or 2 of them
  15. Out of the Ferguson as well, fairly standard suckout. Thanks again for the stake, and congrats.
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