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  1. nah... the play is pretty good. Hardly and of the Post/fold crap.
  2. I'm fine with all of you "No Tax" honks keeping your "hard earned money", as long as you Don't drive on public roads, Don't use public fire and police protection, and Don't send your kids to Public school.
  3. try UB. There is a really good mix of fish and solid players even at the $5 +.50 SNG's.
  4. you guys eat and play poker.... at the same time? WOW!!!!
  5. I think you need to raise the flop here, and not go for the slow play. If he is really on AA or KK, and you lead into him, he should reraise, allowing you to win more..... JMO. In the above sit, I think you need to move in with top set, and hope he doesnt hit the A or K on the river to make his set.
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