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  1. shahmat


    My thoughts are with you and a fast recovery for your mom.
  2. I'd stay stick to the lower ones till you can get your confidence back up. Also analyze your hands after you finish playing, decide where/if you made mistakes and how to correct them. It really helps to have someone to discuss it with, can dramatically improve your game and give you a different perspective. Didn't read if you're multi tabling or not but if so try and drop some tables and focus more on decisions.
  3. Thanks alot guys, my first live final table. It was so exciting, disappointed but obviously I can't complain . Was a tough final table and I got really shitty table draw and made a few mistakes along the way, but overall I'm pretty happy with how I played it. Just finished a 5 day learning to surf trip here in Australia finally got access to the internet again:). Trips been a ton of fun so far. Well better jetlaterPS. J9o is the nutz.
  4. It definitely wasn't me, ya I think at one point he actually ran that account up, I'd be interested to see how high he got it before losing it all. Really need the hand histories to tell.sol.
  5. thats a good idea, i use mine for EVERYTHING, I should setup something separate.
  6. Thanks for the thoughts guys, alot of poker stuff has been pretty rough the past while, guess its something to learn from. Wish full contact had some of the bigger games, full contact has always been so good in general.
  7. I know bout as much as you guys do . Wish they'd post some approximate chip stacks though, have no idea where he's sittin.
  8. hahaoh ya i gueses it is more purply
  9. ya they dont' seem to be very good about updating stack sizes. The chip leader is 2 to robin's right though, robin's wearing the blue shirt in the current pic up on the ongameclassic website. Good position and looks like his stacks doin ok.sol
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