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  1. 9:29 "Out. Played huge pot with juanda with a245 vs. a234 and lose then quadruple up then pick up a34 in another crazy hand and bust obv"
  2. 8:49 "1675, been all in twice. jesus and juanda at my table."
  3. 8:06 "950 but I should have like 2200 but van alstyne has no fold button and i suck at getting low cards."
  4. 7:05 "1250 at break. David Levi at table and he sucks too."
  5. not that hard to lose a showdown and then brick a few hands?
  6. should i update original post about his updates or post new replies whenever i get a message from scottyno?
  7. bad beat, i went on my computer just as it started. obv missed it, but gl.
  8. oh i know you meant he's getting needled.just saying losing 8bb is not that unusual.
  9. i believe it's an optical illusion and a fallacy.
  10. i believe they start with 3k chips at 50/100, so losing 8bb in 20 minutes is not that hard.
  11. what a brutal start for our boy. down 800 in first 20 minutes. and imo he shouldn't have wore the gold ftops jersey. karma?
  12. scottyno updates5:10 "LOL lost 500 already james van alstyne donkstruck me twice"5:22 "down to 2200 now" started with 3k\6:13 "1500 i can't get a 5th low card"
  13. fold KKXX on K983 board in 50plo for 35 centsfold KK preflop itm of 750k gtd.
  14. out, i read so bad. I opened with AQ from CO, button flats, sb shoves, I reshove, button instacalls with KK. gg.
  15. Seat 1: Sugar D (2,985)Seat 2: RJules (4,115)Seat 3: Jordu77 (3,000)Seat 4: tommygunz829 (2,680)Seat 5: USCphildo (3,090)Seat 6: dereeekho (2,880)Seat 7: louttrsteig (3,000)Seat 8: AmericanTilt (3,000)Seat 9: tedsfishfry (2,250)
  16. fuck me, shaun deeb and uscphildo at my table.
  17. don't assume you're the best player.assume you'll find spots to make money/accumulate chips.then evaluate each player.don't tip the dealers since rake is absurd?
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