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  1. This is wrong so sorry. Christmas vacation, pt&a, tbc, uncle buck, the great outdoors, the others. and Point Break > jesus, and brvhrt will agree
  2. Hey speaking of making shit tons of money, has beans been in here lately at all? I miss that redneck sonofabitch.
  3. Great job strat! I always knew you were at least mediocre. So what are you making now anyways? Jesus I hope it's less than me.
  4. Hi fellas! I'll take one of the waffles thank you. Had a membership but after I got what.cd I let it lapse. Whoops. But stray I'm also excited about the albums you mentioned. Plus new fleet foxes and the national I haven't heard yet. You might have mentioned the national but I'm drunk and can't remember. Hi I read some things but skipped others (sorry cobalt). Hope y'all are doing well. Hey bigd, I just bought a new pair of hiking boots: schnee's beartooth. don't know if you heard of them but I figure you'd appreciate their exclusiveness. Anybody know how tilt is doing?
  5. Don't tell me how to live my life. What the hell did y'all do to tilt? That shits depressing. I love you tilty baby. And I'm actually cool in real life, compared to these folks. Wanted to use another f word but I don't know how to swear anymore.
  6. I don't know how to swear on here anymore. Flagnabit. A jiggly pom flig gibber. But yeah, I did it. Essay's next. Not strat, that guys got problems. Essay? So normal. Normal guy.
  7. That's amazing napa I'm so happy My house and land are still there. House deteriorating but getting cleaner every month. Throwing stuff away steadily. Still not decided on when and where to move to in the big city but I guess I gotta figure it out at some point. And Ron I felt weird commenting on those things I'm tagged in. I'm not familiar with facebook etiquette. Wedding is on Friday at THE BEACH. sweet hotel room booked too. Costs about as much as a damn house so it better be good.
  8. You guys don't change at all huh. damn. Irregardless, I'm getting married in a week. I don't know but I'm assuming speedz is already married but I'm sure my marriage will be better than his. Because I'm better. But yeah, hi. I'd give some advice but nobody would take it. I'm just kidding I don't have any advice. Don't be a loser I guess?
  9. Tilt died huh? Tragic shed accident? Hey strat what do you think of wealthfront?
  10. Probably my proudest moment here mister McGee. Thanks for all the well wishes guys! Honestly I'm surprised you're all not dead. What do you know.
  11. Well I have zero likes since the first 15 minutes so I have to assume you assmunches don't care. I need my likes to survive faggots. But brv asked something... Oh yeah, my current ownership. Yes I'm keeping it all. Can't get an empir by selling land. Keeping the house as a basically storage shed for all my shit. And of course keeping the land because there's no reason not to. Taxes will suck but that's it. Factored that into my budget.
  12. So as to not give away too much personal info, I'm gonna basically be a data analyst with a very reputable energy company. About 1/2 of my current responsibility with enough more pay to cover rent and then some. It's exactly what I've been hoping for for the last decade. It's a big deal. Still not as successful as strat, Napa, or essay, but I will be getting my penis touched.
  13. So I see everything is just as interesting as ever in here. Sorry I don't check in as much anymore but you know, life. But uuuhhh, anyways... I got a new job, in a real city. We're moving into a new apartment in the fancy part of town at the end of next month. It's finally happening guys. Almost into mid-life, shake is finally growing up. Been talking to my cousin (a jeweler) about rings too. What in the world fellas.
  14. And also, thank you guys for the likes of my posts. It really energizes me. Not the likes themselves so much, but the fact that I'm sure it burns ron mexico up that pretty much every post I make gets liked. I live to make that fella upset. ole fella. ole guy ole pal.
  15. I'd go for the hateful 8. It has an intermission. I want to see the revenant, but I can barely make it through an episode of sunny without having to get up and pee (I'm a drunk fyi) so I want to wait until I can stream/rent/download that one. Honestly think it might end up being one of my favorite movies ever though, guess that's why I want the focus.
  16. I'll play you in poker ron mexico. no holds barred. double or nothing. winner take all. take no prisoners. sadie's choice. only the strong survive. steven segal. I don't know anymore.
  17. But napa, don't you worry. That's a god damned victory! She's probably passed out under a bridge now but I promise you, for a second there? She found you: YOU... attractive. and many more will. You take that glorious hair and you SLAY them bitches. Take it from an ugly slut. If you can get the confidence, you can get them ALL. promise you man.
  18. "Posted today at 12:20 am" God dam left coast Canadians.
  19. Happy New Years faghots! I'm not on coke believe it or not! Yeah you should probably go with the "not."
  20. god damned gaps ruining our lives. them and blacks. napa you will celebrate with US you fuching assh ole. I'm back so give me some sugah
  21. What do you mean wasn't properly seated? The ole lady's doing ribs tomorrow. Gonna do one with the 3-2-1 and one all smoker. Little experimentation.
  22. Well, nowhere to go from here than up then! Or down. Probably down. Further.
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