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  1. Read some of the first few pages of this thread. References to getting Tivo…. Can’t believe this is still holding on by a thread, would be amazing to be able to contact some of the mainstays from over the years.
  2. Can’t call in sick, but can be told to stay home because I have the sniffles.... Proud to see the thread lives on.... and no one died in Iowa.
  3. Remember when Dawson wasn't posting like a father figure?
  4. Got to visit the burial ground of Christ and touch the wailing wall (and wear a yarmulke) today. Not very exciting for me, but I'm sure Brv would have enjoyed it (minus the yarmulke).
  5. Kristin Wiig is from SNL, why don't you watch some episodes on whatever internet thingamabob you use seeing how you don't have a real TV?And I love America, just not rural Virginia. And Iowa. And the South.
  6. It's how I was raised. DON'T JUDGE ME!!!Also: Turkey > Tacos
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjKF7aQthcQhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alice%27s_Restaurant
  8. It was a tradition in our house. Happy T-Day everyone.
  9. People all choose different professions based on what they like and/or matches their talents. You dislike business just like Shake would dislike having to anally probe a cat. That's probably a bad example...
  10. Just watching season 2 of "The League"...
  11. The toaster prematurely ejectulated the bread and cheese. WORK!
  12. Why would your manager know what all of her managers make? I make a lot more than Shake (who doesn't) so I can't complain as much, but I did find out that my "boss" (who I now share all responsibilities with) makes >2x what I get paid. I too am exploring the market. I've been in the same place for almost 9 years, I'm starting to think the only way to earn a decent wage is to job hop a few times. Said boss that is making 2x what I am hasn't had a raise in the 5 years he has been at my company either.
  13. SJ... Steve Jobs... Skeleton Jelly...SJ.
  14. Can someone with search skills pull up the bacon wrapped stuffed jalo recipe? Thinking I may want to try something different this weekend...
  15. I am doing a similar run called the Spartan Sprint on Oct. 15th. Hopefully the mud isn't frozen over by then.
  16. I had hamburger helper. It made quite the great meal.
  17. Yeah, those strategies won't work anymore. It's a fucking hurdle!
  18. I'm confused, this post has nothing to do with IOWA!!
  19. start with o, followed quickly by w. After that you can take steps using q/p and w/o with slight variations on which one you hit first. It takes a while, but you can at least get something resembling a walking motion.
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