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  1. eugene todd is one of the funniest people ive ever had the pleasure of meeting
  2. ahh, 21st birthdays, the good ol' days
  3. you'll know im busto when i start getting rid of the porn collection
  4. So I've got a whole bunch of poker books if anyone is interested. If you want the whole lot of them I'll take any reasonable offer, just looking to get them out of my house :)These prices include shipping as long as you're in the continental US. Paypal works, shippage on cake/ftp works, I'll ship it to you the day of (or morning of).Poker and Gambling Related Stories- Professor, Banker, Suicide King (hardcover)(Michael Craig) - $15- Big Deal (Anthony Holden) - $11 - Sucker Bet (James Swain) - $7- Poker Nation (Anthony Bellin) - $9- Positively Fifth Street (James McManus) - $13- Bringing Down t
  5. Bob does indeed know his sh1t!Merge is extremely quick with their payouts, I can't imagine it's going to be a problem when the jackpot finally gets hit. It's very easy to stick money in accounts, there should be no issue.$1.1m jackpot is insanity.
  6. we're so new, we just started with a pretty big affiliate team, so nothing major yet
  7. that was dustin, i was just laughing for a long time
  8. I've got a couple of Israeli guys too, excellent workers
  9. my foursome last year was dustin, ray, kurt so this isnt that far off
  10. this was me, i was REALLY drunk after golf and really sunburnt, and yeah, i hadn't slept. what a dayhaha
  11. :)on a serious note, im not THAT bad at golf, im just much better at drinking
  12. Slapstick --- who do you work for and have we met?
  13. i'll bid $10. my foursome will be the beer drinkers and golf cart crashers.
  14. I guess I can put in a real answer since people are always wondering what I really do.Teddy's mom pays me to pee on her four times a week, the other 3 days during the week I'm cleaning the Bauza house in a thong and sailor hat.
  15. my foursome last year was hilariousedit: i am not good at golf and i like to drink.
  16. getsprung/acid knight live in vegas, and there's a 75% chance ill be in LV that week
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