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  1. And hopefully, some might understand that there could be a difference between one's "spiritual" view and one's "political view." Hopefully.
  2. Dare I say, I can understand your negative reaction to Bill O'Reilly and/or Fox News, but I am surprised that "anyone" who has spent any length of time on "any" internet bulletin board would use the word "rude" to describe his behavior. By far the rudest behavior I've ever seen is the kind of behavior that takes place regularly on these boards. A Copy Of This Post Has Been Forwarded To Bill O'Reilly"It would probably be "beneficial" to him, but I think you should makeDaniel Negreanu a pinhead anyway. And I like the guy! What the heck?"God Bless You Daniel NegreanuAnd Good Luck !!SoCô¿ôL Bobhtt
  3. Sorry .. I should have known better. Carrying on a conversation on the internet hasn't changed much.Bye Bye
  4. I'm sure this topic has been discussed. I'm sure over and over and probably here.However, I'm not much of a bulletin board poster ... and despite playing online for quite a while I guess I'm surprised at the phenomenon I only recently am discovering.I recently discovered at Ultimate Bet a player playing 9 tables at once, in a low stakes game, and WINNING at ALL of THEM.In the space of a couple short hours I discovered two other players playing at that many tables or near that many tables who onlyMAY have been winning at ALL of them as well.IN conversations with support and ultimately security
  5. Gee .. Great Thread (Opinion)Whole lot of "conversation"People writing long ... People thinking ...Conversation involves pretty important topic ..Is there cheating in poker? online poker? what is it? what does it look like?{just coming in out of the blind I really don't know what happened in any of these incidents .. but I'm definitely interested.writing with a link would help .. maybe .. not your responsibilities however}How do I play to deal with cheating in poker if I'm going to?I, particularly, LOVE, the "moral" question.I, particularly, LOVE, the notion that dn among others will include
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYQNo-Xxd0w
  7. That elf thing is So AWESOME ... how did you create the small image?THANKS !!!
  8. What do you think is the "real" difference between Winning And Losing?
  9. So I have really enjoyed reading Daniel's latest blog.I remember his previous "doubt."I definitely recommend and prefer his returned "confidence."I definitely enjoyed reading that his latest video blog ... which unfortunately got scrapped ... was about giving.That exactly when my next video blog is going to be about ... http://www.youtube.com/socoolbobThat's what this time of year is supposed to be abouthttp://www.socool.com/archives/xmas.htmlI don't think it's an "accident" that a man with a professed belief in God has refound his "confidence" at this time of year.I think the Big Guy unders
  10. I'm only guessing ... but the correct answer would probably come from the site you want to use to play poker ... like Party PokerI'm only guessing, but I'm guessing that you would not be allowed to play at Party Poker because they would identify your computer as being located in the United States.However ... if that guess is wrong ... I'd certainly be interested in hearing about it.Because ... I really liked Party Poker
  11. Do you really think that the "Christian" right is behind this legislation?Do you relaly think that "Christians" would be willing to PAY to get this law passed?Do you really think that "Christians" believe that playing Poker ONLINE is "immoral" ... and killing thousands in Iraq is not?Do you really think ... ???
  12. I especially appreciate Silent But Deadly because he's the only person I've seen in this thread or had contact with anywhere who actually had and "reports" on the opportunity to speak with two prominent politicians about the thing they did.Based on this incident and so many others, my own "take" on the world of politics as we know it includes:It is "We" who must take responsibility for what occurs in our political system."We" simply must ... and proably won't.It "appears" to me ... over and over and over ... that the people we elect, the laws that get passed ... are the people and laws that ..
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