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  1. This might explain why the 10 p.m. (PST) $5 tourney was maxed out with 900 players... no sngs for people to play forced them all into that $5 multi, but still that 70,000 player # has got to be a glitch too!
  2. Did you happen to bring along 40,000 other friends of yours too? For the longest time FT has been averaging around 30,000 players, but 70!?! What the hell?
  3. Did they acquire another site or something, I've never seen this many players on a Monday night. Anybody have an idea as to why? The tourney I normally play at this time usually has around 400 players but tonight it was maxed out with 900... WTF!?! Where'd all these people come from?
  4. Truck!?! More like, what years your Trans Am or is it a IROC, I can't tell the difference.
  5. Damn you to hell! I only need 902 more posts until I hit 1k. I'm gonna try to do this before 12 mid-night tonight and every single post will contain a minimum of three quality paragraphs. No SW's or IBTL posts for me.Lol, who the hell I'm I kidding. At my post rate I'll get to 1k by the year 2013 give or take a few years!
  6. File under: Blink and you'll miss it...http://www.fullcontactpoker.com/poker-foru...showtopic=80275Posted this yesterday, pretty interesting LA Times article.
  7. Yeah, but by now everyone knows A K is overrated at this point, especially here on the bubble. At best he's 50% vs any pair that's going to look him up. Why risk your entire tourney on a coin flip. From a strategic standpoint he could have easily folded and waited for another player to bust, in all likelihood he wouldn't have had to wait very long. Obviously the situation gets flipped around if Levy has a substantial chip count, A K is very playable here. So much so that I guarantee Schein folds A3 to any move Levy makes.I love bubble time, the rush of adrenaline during this part of a tourney
  8. Didn't find anything posted about this yet so here's the article from the LA Times Sunday business section yesterday. Buried deep in the article it touches on Vegas casinos recognition of the importance of online gaming. Making the Bill Frist ban appear to be secretly orchestrated by Vegas casinos.Antigua's fight for Web gamingFor the island nation challenging the U.S., it's an issue of economic survival.By Carol J. Williams, Times Staff WriterNovember 12, 2006ST. JOHN'S, ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA — In the nine years since she left a dead-end hotel job to work in online gaming, Susan Foderingham bec
  9. Here... satellites start from $40 on up 10 handed, all day up until at least a hour prior to the start of that evenings event.
  10. You obviously have never walked in the parking lots of either the Bicycle or Commerce casino late at night. Don't even get me started on Hollywood Park, the last time I checked the FCP store doesn't carry Kevlar vests or 45-mm hand guns.
  11. I agree, just because you vote the other party into the majority doesn't mean a damn thing. It's the same old story. This subject is dead for years to come. It's way easier to pass bills than it is to change them. The only choice we'll have in the near future is to revolt against the system and continue to play online.Honestly the only thing the Democrats will do is create more tax funded organizations that will help cure you of your gambling problem.*side note: It's crazy to see the fields in the Ongame Network tourneys reduced by 3/4 across the board and the overlays in the guarantees, sick!
  12. To answer a few questions. Yes you need a photo I.D. (limited to a valid drivers license) in order to get a Commerce tourney player card. You have to have a player card, they won't let you play in a tourney without one.Leading up to and during a tournament series, Commerce will have non-stop satellites running all day from about 11:00 AM with the occasional Super/Mega satellites. Depending on the buy-in for that days tournament, they will have single table (10 handed) satellites for as little as $40 and up, usually $40-$60-$80 or $120. Most if not all the tourney's during the L.A.P.C. are $500
  13. Umm... [raises hand slowly] not one mention of being Mac friendly!?! So is it safe to say the new site will not be supporting Mac users, i.e. Java or otherwise?
  14. Yeah, both parties are pretty interchangeable with the exception of 1 or 2 hot bed issues. The transparency of both just leads to a bunch of bs bureaucracy. Elected officials have only one thing in mind, staying in office and moving up the food chain. Screwing 'us' with unnecessary taxes, poker bans, etc. all along the way.I completely disagree with Daniel on this one.The only true way to send a message to these idiots would be NOT voting for either party at all... OR voting for the complete underdog of [insert other party name here].I can't believe after 18 years (straight out of high school)
  15. So sad. Man I absolutely love the freaking Circuit. This is like finding out a family member has just died.[conspiracy rant/]The Circuit feels the effect of the Frist! This has to be directly related to the fact that CardPlayer is going to be losing some Ad revenue because of the newly passed legislation. They are a magazine after-all and although the Circuit was a great addition and actually better than the magazine itself (Imo) it still cost money to fly these guys around the country and set them up regardless if they get comped hotel stays. It would be one thing if the Circuit was generati
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