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  1. Yes it was joke. And I'm suprised to see so many come to the actors defense. Yes, Affleck did play in the main event but was knocked so early you didn't hear about it. As for his Harvard education, I'm not impressed. Schools like Harvard can plant as much biased information in your head as you're willing to pay for. I'm sure he's a decent player, but lets be honest. The only reason you and have ever heard about him playing poker is because he's a celebrity, not because he's a great poker player. And no, I'm not envious of his skill. I would love to get the chance to sit down with him i
  2. I've heard alot about the gambling skills of actor Ben Affleck. Rumors say he is in the high stakes poker rooms in Vegas at The Mirage and Bellagio. In fact, I saw him in person at The Palms one time. Credit to his poker success is becoming California State Poker Champion. So what. Ever heard of beginners luck. If I remember right, he was knocked out pretty early on in the main event at the World Series last year. If Annie Duke was my personal poker teacher, I'd have broken Stu Ungar's record for World Championship bracelets by now. If any of you feel the same way about this please sha
  3. Daniel Negreanu loves the game of poker, and the challenge that comes with playing it. I think we all can agree that he has an uncanny talent for the game. He has a sixth sense that we all wish we could have. In my opinion, it's only a matter of time till he wins the main event at the WSOP.Three reasons why Daniel plays with the best players in the world. One, he can. He is one of the best players in the world so I think we should ask why anyone would want to play with him.Two, a true rounder plays wherever the money is. If a lawyer comes to the tables with his checkbook, take him down.
  4. I've been watching you idiots go back and forth at each for a while now, and I had to register an account just to say you're both imbeciles and either need to play or shut up.
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