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  1. i had a lexus rx 400h and it was the best car i've had so fax, i've owned a pathfinder lx, QX4, jeep cherokee, and bmw all suvs and the lexus is head and shoulders better than all of themride is amazing, power is very instant, head lights are super if you drive lots a night and on roads without street lights, never a problem as long as i owned it, would highly suggest the lexusonly down side i found was that it does need actual snow tires and not all seasons if you drive in the snow a lot
  2. gooch

    Sushi Thread

    made spicy tuna rolls, inari sushi, salmon rolls in yuba, chicken karage, tempura, yum yum
  3. gooch

    Sushi Thread

    i'm making sushi tomorrow with the kidlets, will post up some pics after
  4. gooch

    Sushi Thread

    wow a sushi thread? really?i'm gonna kill this one, i eat sushi probably every other day, albacore toro is my fave, followed by tai, inari and tojo's lobster rolls, but its all good
  5. Fresh Pasta500 grams Tipo “00” flour185 grams whole eggs (approx 4)120 grams egg yolks (approx 9)1 pinch kosher salt1 tablespoon olive oil Flour and salt together in large bowl, make a wellBreak up eggs lightly with a fork and mix in olive oil, add to inside of wellWith a fork slowly mix in eggs to the flour a bit at a time, when incorporated turn out on board and kneed using the palm of hand, fold over and add flour as needed to keep hands from stickingKneed for approx 5 minutes until the dough is smooth and firm and bounces back when you press fingers into it.Wrap in plastic wrap and place i
  6. how good you want it? i can give you a fresh pasta recipe if you really wanna go crazy
  7. pee on your pitbull, that should take care of it
  8. if you cut your arm off now there is a 50/50 chance you will live
  9. gooch

    Wine Thread

    Pahlmeyer Merlot 2007...fantastic, nice fruit with a good mineral balance and great finishMerryvale Profile 1999, silky and velvety, great value still
  10. use shallots insteadfor soba noodles i use 4 parts dashi/1 mirin/ 1 soy/ and a touch of japanesse sesame oil/ fresh thyme/ minced shallots/ pinch of sugar
  11. gooch

    Wine Thread

    had a couple nice wines last nightpatz and hall mount veeder chardonnay, very good depth with nice fruit and balanced oak undertonesDeLille Cellers Doyenne Syrah, very nice, velvety and rich a really excellent wine, hints of chocolate
  12. gooch

    Wine Thread

    try merryvale, jaysin, berringer private reserve, or my fave ridge monte bello (this is a huge wine) all have great levels
  13. ive had the dried aged steaks there, they were okay, no outstanding though
  14. staind killing nothing else matters by metallicahttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hx20qA3XCtcbruddah iz somewhere over the rainbow me first and the gimme gimmies doing a little john denver no use for a name fileds of athenry, <---for the punk lovers down by law 500 miles rise against, anyway you want it
  15. http://araxi.com/yeah watched the game on sunday with my daughter and then just lazed about the house, yesterday i did pretty much nothing but clean up and lay about, took about 12 naps, feel good today after a good nights sleep
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