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  1. Agreed, don't think it's gonna be an exciting fight. PPV numbers probably will jump from around 300k to maybe around 400k. Unbelievable how many main events of late have been modified due to injuries. Feels like the end of 2009 with the injury-plagued New Year's card.
  2. So Tito Ortiz goes from win or retire against Bader to main eventing against Rashad Evans one month later. Almost think Tito can pull it off.
  3. Buffer read that score wrong, it was 48-45. Being that it was Doug Crosby's scorecard, it wouldn't have shocked me if he did score it 50-43, due to his 50-45 debacle for the first Penn/Edgar fight.
  4. Paging Hasim Rahman in regards to Hominick. That was nasty.Great card, despite the lackluster main event. Even the prelims on Facebook and Spike were outstanding.Biggest surprise was the Matyushenko/Brilz fight. Never saw that coming.Shields just irritated me during the entire fight. Also, can anyone justify two of the judges giving 2 rounds to Shields? Maybe the 5th, but what else?
  5. Nice, sounds like they'll be doing an event in Milwaukee in late summer, definitely gonna try and make it out there.
  6. Stars Sunday Million guarantee dropped from $1.5 to 1 mil.
  7. That's an understatement. Curious on how CBS and Showtime come out of this.
  8. 129 is a HUGE card to say the least. That should do around 1 million on PPV with two title fights and Couture/Machida to go with it. The Davis/Hamill fight is off, Hamill is now fighting Rampage, but Davis says he's still planning fighting on this card. I hope they bump the Rory MacDonald/Nate Diaz fight on to the PPV instead of putting it on the prelims.
  9. Lot of weirdness going on between the Silva/Rampage fight at UFC 130. Rashad may be taking Thiago's place, despite claims that Silva's not hurt.http://sports.yahoo.com/mma/news?slug=mmaj...on_Rashad_Evans
  10. I just yelled and laughed for a good 30 seconds after that kick landed.Like to see Griffin/Phil Davis if he beats Matt Hamill.
  11. Yeah, um...Silva's pretty damn good. Looks like GSP/Silva is gonna happen if GSP beats Shields.
  12. Ah, what the hell...may I put $30 on Packers? You have my stars name in sig.edit, nm.
  13. Entertaining fights tonight on Spike. Guillard looked outstanding against Dunham. Don't know who he'll get next with Guida, Pettis, Sotiropoulous, etc. all booked. Maybe Lauzon?
  14. NCAA Tournament broadcasters....big changes this year.First Weekend Only -Spero Dedes and Bob WenzelTim Brando and Mike GminskiIan Eagle and Jim SpanarkelKevin Harlan, Reggie Miller, and Dan BonnerRegional Teams -Verne Lundquist and Bill RafteryGus Johnson and Len ElmoreMarv Albert and Steve KerrJim Nantz and Clark KelloggFinal Four Team - Jim Nantz, Clark Kellogg and Steve Kerr
  15. Farewell WEC, Anthony Pettis kicks the promotion out with authority. That was unbelievable. Thank god the judges got it right.
  16. Adam Dunn to the White Sox (4 yrs, 56 mil) , and they're still gonna attempt to keep Konerko.
  17. All fighters make weight, Penn went up to 169.
  18. Well Carwin's fight with Nelson is off. Maybe you can toss Mir in there now on the New Year's day card.
  19. Dos Santos/Velasquez should be a hell of a fight. If Carwin beats Nelson, does he get a rematch with Brock?
  20. Florian/Dunham now added. Please, no injuries, this is a huge card.
  21. Silva/Belfort is now on tap, according to Dana White. Belfort is now out of his fight against Okami, Marquardt takes his place.
  22. Agree completely on Sotiroupolus. Think he's a couple wins away from a shot. Bader's getting there, a win over Nogueira definitely would help.
  23. Oh, say it isn't so. Guess that immediate rematch is out the door.http://sports.yahoo.com/mma/blog/cagewrite...?urn=mma-270724
  24. Not what I expected, but Hughes/Penn III to co-headline Rampage/Machida.http://sports.yahoo.com/mma/news?slug=mmaj...enn_III_UFC_123
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