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  1. I'm taking my MBA at either a school in Melbourne or a school in NZ... I got in both now it's decision timeIs anyone in University in Aussie or NZ?What's it like? I am coming from a small Canadian school and just wanted a change
  2. A friend of mine works at Fulltilt and told me a few things:1st and most important is Sorel was day's away from signing a deal to play for Team Full Tilt. Think about that!!!!He was willing to make a decision to buy someone's account when he was day's away from a deal with FT. In my opinion Sorel has something wrong with him and needs to seek help. This is either greed or an addiction to the high of playing late in a tourney he's chasing. I really don't think anyone in his/her right mind would make this choice when your day's away from signing a large deal with the company your about t
  3. Is there anyone who attends University or College In Aussie or New Zealand?I have been accepted into grad school in both countries and i'm wondering what the Poker Scene is like over their.Any Aussie or NZ members on FCP?ThanksJim
  4. I worked for Chris and Chris for two years while at ST.FX U...I had a great experience and it was great for my resume and applying for jobs after I graduated.Nice to see you guys expanding into the UK chris
  5. Hey guysI work for them on campus and yes this is a pump for the launch.....Lifeofsports is on here alot and has done many things with the board here so i'm hoping this is not considered spam...All of the Canadians out there go and check it outhttp://lifeofsports.com/ccpc/register.phpJim
  6. I've worked for this company during three different events......Great guys, great to work for and very laid backJust thought i'd put my two cents in for people considering it
  7. Just wanna start this up ..I know Eyank and Beaver will be playingAnyone else?It's at www.collegepokerlife.com/nacpc
  8. onlinewww.collegepokerlife.com/nacpc for college studentsFYI...
  9. yah you didpoker.com are upgrading their software and it wiped all the private tourneys off today for some reason. They thought it was going to be cancelled because of the time difference in Aussie/US as know techy's were in over night to fix the problem but by chance someone showed up early.There is going to be an extra qualifier this Sunday at 8 PM ESTAn email will be sent out as tonight's was not suppose to happen.....
  11. its a read receipt program built off of your forwards...when you forward the email the read receipt picks up the number of people that open it based on those you send it to and you get one entry per person that reads the email.how is this tough to understand?why bother posting if your not going to do it? and just complain about people giving away free things
  12. Just opening a thread as I will be trying to mop up this week.. Week one's aces into a runner runner str8 didn't sit well with meI'm in who else ? Let's keep this open for tomorrow nights qualifier This is not with Aboslute so stop pm'd me lol it's with the folks from www.collegepokerlife.com
  13. I lost with pocket aces to 10 j when he rivered a str8It was to Pred20 who is not only one of the best College players in Canada but one of the best players in my eyes online.He has cleaned up a ton of money this year on Paradise and Absolute
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