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  1. Whomever's (probably not a word) responsible for the horns at the World Cup should be drawn and quartered. Also: the British.
  2. Glad you're home safely, Raquel. I admire your willingness to do what you do.
  3. Well, fuck a duck. Sorry to anybody who's getting those messages from me. How do I just blow away my account entirely? I might have to start over.
  4. I have no idea. I would think in that situation, unless it's OBVIOUS the runner is safe, you just call it an out and let the pitcher have his perfect game.
  5. No idea what that is, Blue. Guess I'll have to change my MSN account. In my defense, though, they do deliver really quick.
  6. I think an umpire might be murdered in Detroit tonight.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. I had some family at the house yesterday, so it's possible that it was my niece. I'm not sure why she would log on just to send one of my contacts an IQ test, but kids do silly things... ...or this is possible. I don't have any virus protection on my laptop so perhaps it's all crudded up from cavorting around with other slutty laptops... ...or this is possible, because you're a fucking idiot. If I could find one thing to complain about regarding him right now, it would be that Jim Tracy seems content to let him throw 110+ pitches every time out. I admire a manager who
  8. Fair enough. I don't have an excuse. Apologies, again. Is it because I tear up a little bit when the astronaut gives Liv Tyler her dead father's mission patch in Armageddon? Left-handed pitchers don't hold grudges. They understand that when a room needs to be booked, you book it.
  9. That was pretty awesome. I had to listen at my desk, but there may have been a few fist pumps involved.
  10. I'll just skip making any defense. Sorry I won't be in Vegas.
  11. That's quite generous, but I'd like to think that there are plenty of other people going that they'll have a blast with and their hearts aren't broken. Silly as it may be.
  12. I was flipping back and forth, but I'm glad I caught the ending. It was hilarious hearing the entire Staples Center shout, "NO!" when Artest was setting up for that three.
  13. I knew I could count on you. Thanks. Obviously, you too.
  14. And yet I'm right on this one.
  15. Now I think I'm confused, too. I just don't think that's true. I guess any of them could be entertaining maybe once, but seeing all of them two times seems a bit excessive.
  16. It's outstanding. There was no reason to remake it, but I'm not surprised it's being done.
  17. Yeah, affordability wasn't the issue. The fact that they are on the same weekend is the conflict.
  18. Well, tickets for my other trip have gone down over $200 since I started checking, so I won't be coming to Vegas. Please distribute my excessive drinking and gambling losses evenly among the group.
  19. It doesn't seem possible to lower an ERA that's already sub-1.00. It bears repeating: Ubaldo Jimenez is a bad man.
  20. The "Jeff fucking Probst!" alternate ending on Jimmy Kimmel was outstanding.
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