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  1. HU limit holdem with deep stacks is not about measuring losses with BB's...it is about winning more than you are losing in the long run....Losing 30 BB's over several days means that you were a loser in the game...how is that "not bad at all."?Like I said...it's put up or shut up time....My point was simply that he was playing an elite field and it was over the period of several days. Had Beal simply walked when he was ahead over a million proven anything? The answer IMO is no, just as having a net loss of 3 million over the several days is not very conclusive either.
  2. These players aren't realistically looking at hourly expectation and rake. They just want to toss chips around and have a few drinks.
  3. Losing 30 bb in heads up hold em over several days is not bad at all. I wonder what the average pot size was.
  4. Honestly i don't think it's very easy to say who has an edge in this game and how big it may be. There are too many different players, that are playing for various amounts of time.
  5. That's pretty hilarious. He has logged more hours at the highest limits ever played than anyone else, and he was playing best players in the world. I really wouldn't be so quick to dismiss Beal. Factor in loss aversion, and i think that the pros are skating on a pretty thin edge, if any at all.
  6. The crazy thing is that 10 mil is barely anything at these stakes, that could be a few hands.
  7. Joking right? Why wouldn't you want to play with someone like that? When the money means nothing to someone in a cash game they tend to play worse than they would if the money meant something.
  8. Depending on how many players pool together they may only be risking around 4k - 8k of their money per bet. Whoever does join the 2nd corporation must trust eachother a whole lot to take up a game like this.
  9. Beal seemed most afraid of Lederer. That's not to say he would necessarily be the best though.
  10. I don't think it was so much that Harmon changed gears, but she said that she could just feel when he was bluffing. I think that's more what you meant, because from what i remember it was Forrest that first tried to play more conservatively.
  11. I found this pretty funny, since you know, never happened SmileAhhh, journalism at its finest...I read the book awhile ago, but if i remember correctly he was ahead a little over $10 million at one point. It was when they took a group picture and Doyle was making sure that they let him have his moment of triumph. He didn't necessarily bust them, but i'm sure he did hurt some of them pretty badly.
  12. wasn't DN one of the biggest losers in that game!?!? I don't get GSN, but that's the impression I got from his blog and other stuff...I don't know.I was referring to the first night's broadcast. I was too busy at the tables tonight to watch the new one, hopefully they will show it again soon though.
  13. Forrest and DN seemed to own everyone. Forrest has some really solid reads, still didn't work out as the best night for him, but i'm sure he's gonna turn it all around.
  14. That's pretty hilarious. Were you joking?
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