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  1. u played well, i flopped like 3-4 monters. what did u have the hand where i flopped the straight with j 9, and if push the flop do u call?
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  3. andrew black def missed played is ak there, taggling with the only other player who has chips. then risking almost all is chips with ak is crazy vs the 2nd chip leader
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  5. does he move to vegas and quit is day job? does daniel think hes got what he needs to make it on the tour? That is a great story
  6. What kind of record do you thinki will need in the puggy pearson division to make the playoffs
  7. i really hope daniel comments on that hand with tran, i think its a very interesting hand, i think it was completely messed up but hes chip leader so he must be doing something right. Best of luck to youwhy is the payout so low? how many people entered?
  8. no way hes letting the hand go that easy after putting a huge portion of is stack in the pot, he re raises to 90 ont he flop, and we are betting 60 on the river? come on
  9. 25 30%? who taught u guys how to value? tran was clearly strong, he def let him off the hook, anxious to see what daniel has to say about this hand
  10. if ure going to makea small value why not half the pot that would been like 150, 60 seems like a ridiculous underbet
  11. there is no reason to make a 55k pot in a 300 unless you are making a defensive bet, now i dont know why u would make a defensive bet with a full house, unless he was tryng to give room for tran to come over the top on him in that case why not check raise the river if he think tran is that strong
  12. that river bet doest make sens, why would he bet 55 in a pot with more then 300k in it
  13. why isnt there any info about this event on cardplayer? is something messed up with there site?
  14. Is range of hands here is very wide, i put im on a weak pot pair,the thing is there is good chances your 6 is good also so if you figure your ace is good with the flush draw, then you are a coin flip on theflop, and then the call becomes +ev, i think in this situation this is a insta call
  15. shes a pro, i find it very embarassing for her that her opponent is telling her what she should of done in a televised event. Even if there good friends does he feel that he is so much better then them that he needs to give them tips during a game. Maybe im the only one who think that is totally out of line
  16. was daniel on is rag? never seen daniel so uptight. I love when he tells other professionals on to play poker, its so condescending, like when he told evelyn on nbc heads up, i know what you have and ill tell you what you should of done after the hand. Can you imagine a pro tennis or golf player telling a competitor during a game ill tell you what shot you should of hit. Daniel is a incredible player but somebody needs to put is ego in check. You never hear doyle, barry, ivey say things like that
  17. Any rakebak sites for pacific or doyle roomthanx
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