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  1. Snake draft right? Random draft order?
  2. I'm in...got the 26th of Oct circled on my calender.
  3. I think it's pretty close but you will be ahead a fair amount of times. What do you put him on? J8 or 86 or slim possiblity of JJ 88. The nut flush is a good part of his range as he came alive on the turn when the board paired. He could be bluffing with the naked ace of spades. Villian might have seen you just call the turn and thought that if you had filled up you would reraise. Again I have called in this spot and have mucked depending on my read on the situation. I'd be more inclined to call in this spot though.
  4. I'll be by for day 1+2 playing cash games. 10-25 NL seat for anybody who get's knocked out of the ME early and has their nose wide open.
  5. She should have asked the guy in question to take off the vest.
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  7. Baw, we'll look at next year when the season is done. Everything is set in stone for this playoff season so no use in crying now. I'm sure Darrell and Daniel will look back at our first season and tweak it as need be.
  8. Round 2 win= $1000=$500 each=more cocaine=Team Canada victory
  9. After 40 days in the Vegas sun, hell no it's not a freeroll. Your playing good poker and I'm not so I felt like giving you a shot at the money. Just a thought...
  10. While a 1-0 lead is big, having a 4-3 chip advantage in every match is big too. There should be some reward for finishing in a top seed. I think next year we should look at making it a 7 game series with the higher seed getting one game.Lindros
  11. I feel bad for choking that last game, do you wanna play HU for the duece? I am happy to split it but I feel like I ripped you off the $500 for best record. And no, we are not going to settle this on the basketball court
  12. We'll have to wait and see for sure.
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