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  1. I deposited $10 on Full Tilt and now I'm up to $40 in about 5 days.I seem to have a knack for SnGs around $1, $2 and $5 but I can't play the cash tables at all. I just can't seem to play well betting in $s rather than chips, it's silly.I'm trying to take it table by table and build my bankroll seeing as I've never played online before this.
  2. How much content does this site actually provide? Like how realistically could you get through it without watching it 24/7?The feedback seems brutal here. It'd put any customer off the product.
  3. @jmbreslinRegarding your hands on the previous page, I probably shove A10 but it'll depend on how the table has been playing. It's not too bad of a hand if you get a call but more likely you're going to pick up the blinds, you might even pick up a dumb call from decuces or A9 or something.The J10 I fold, I just don't like it. It's dominated against so many hands and you're raising into the two top stacks. If they pick up a hand you can bet they'll put you on stealing the blinds and you're probably faced with a call you don't want. I'd definitely think about it though but I think if it were me
  4. Ah ok. Like I said I do fine in these games but I'd rather become much more consistent so I can feel comfortable moving up a level. It just seems that luck plays such a big part when the blinds reach 8k/16k with a starting 100k stack.I find winning at that table requires really simple tight-aggressive play because they're too stupid to recognise tricker play. If you raise pre-flop they just call. It's almost as if they feel left out if they don't play a hand every time! It can get frustrating....and it really doesn't seem that active. I figured a poker forum with Daniel Negreanu frequently act
  5. Not sure who you're addressing here.Incidently, how active is this forum? There doesn't seem to be much responses in most of the threads.
  6. Hey newbie here. I've been reading this site for a the last few days and some of the advice is really thoughtful and insightful.I play in a very similiar situation at my local pub to the game you describe. The chip stack starts with 100,000 and the blinds begin at 1k/2k and doubling every 20 minutes, occasionally 15 mins ( 1/2, 2/4, 3/6k etc).The same group of players tend to play on a SNG style table with approx 7 players. It's generally a loose table with a couple of calling stations and generally some players who really mix up their play and are hard to read. Over time it's been easier to p
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