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  1. not at all, my account was permamently banned.
  2. I honestly think I should be named FCP player of the month, I don't wanna sound arrogant but I'm first in the leaderboard and I won the Negreanu Open NLHE being the first time I ever played in one.but anyways I don't decide afterall lol
  3. it's from 2p2 and the guy took all the info from hendon mob which is the best live tournament results source u could find on the internet.
  4. Originally Posted by Spimp So i had alot of time on my hands today and did some stupid research. All data is from Hendon Mob. There is a slight variance in numbers becuase I may have added a a couple tourny buy in's twice but it should be pretty damn close. Only events included are 'open' so no ladies, seniors or employee events. This is including, and through the ME this year and assuming no cash in ME this year.Since PH Main Event Win:Phils total WSOP winnings: $6,054,988Total entry $'s if PH played EVERY event since he won: $1,957,500Total ROI if PH played EVERY event since he won: 209.32%
  5. it's very easy to say it, it's harder to do it. Every1 can say that and sounds good but few will do it.
  6. wow ur one of those morons, with respect.U say u cannot prove he is a lifeteime winner in cash, but how do u prove that a huge amount of people would put their roll to play him HU??? there is no way to prove that. But the fact he is a lifetime winner in cash is already proven believe me. Make any kind of research in this aspect and then we can carry on discussingDude, your confused, it's Daniel Negreanu the one who plays every single event from lowball to Omaha 8 or better in order to have a chance to win a bracelet, Hellmuth doesn't play much those games he concentrates basically on Holde'm
  7. As I told u in my post, the morons will respond this way
  8. I think I've heard enough of this shit. Some important idiots keep thinking Hellmuth sucks because any retard can post in a forum. Let's put things in perspective.Morons: Hellmuth sucks at PAD shorthandedTruth: He is the winningest player in PAD with 4 titles. And is ALWAYS deep in every show. There must be a reason for that.Morons: Hellmuth ran good in PAD that's why, no that he hits no cards he fails.Truth: LAUGH OUT LOUD. I remember Ferguson suckout against PH for the PAD title when he hits trips on the turn. I also remember when Lederer hits a miraclous 3 outer on the river leaving Hel
  9. lol nice steal with the deal. First he wanted 145k plus the 10k, meaning he would win 8k more than 1st prize, lol that was awesome. I mean except for vynn the other two seemed pretty naive and they just gave him the 2k each, it really seemed like a steal. The deal was a disaster by those guys, u can't make a deal when the chipleader gets what 1st pays. Lol they were just amazed by the numbers that they just couldn't think at all. It happens when u play for that much.
  10. when are you gonna put the official 2010 Negreanu Open with the updated results from last tournament. Just sayingRegards
  11. hey guys is there any reward for first win after first time played, maybe a hat or something
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