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  1. I'm working tonight, and decided to overdress like a Winner. A middle age black woman just told me she liked my dress and that I'm "working" it. I've made all the right life decisions.
  2. Yes Essay, that's just how it'll happen.
  3. My close friend David Simon is not impressed with your pitch.
  4. Brvheart, I helped out a colleague at another nonprofit yesterday. She's hooking me up with Broad Museum tickets!! Scram, I bet they'll be VIP passes, meaning I can skip to the front of the line. BAM there's your entitlement. Does anyone else like magic? No Hank, not tricks. I saw Rob Jabrecky this weekend. He was charming and weird.
  5. Extra points for Brvy saying "tit."
  6. I like the photos, and please continue. In addition to getting ticketed and towed, I just purchased a $50 Yelp coupon for the wrong type of smog check place.
  7. That's a script providing crestive problem solving, although I don't remember the ladies being that kinky (except for the violence). Could the Grifters be considered a mob movie if this was a better list?
  8. The early Wachowski with a mob mole who figures her way out of an abusive relationship.
  9. I'm going to a screening of Anomalisa tonight with a Charlie Kaufman Q&A after. Who has Tanners email address so I can get this done efficiently?
  10. Kelly died on the 27th, Lemmy AND Meadowlark Lemmon died on the 28th. Direct your sacrificial planes as you will.
  11. Yay! I'm happy to hear it--I'm more familiar with his paintings. The Broad Museum has a number on display right now for its inaugural. The Green Angle is so large it required a special build for the elevator... I keep an eye out for his sculpture.
  12. Ellsworth Kelly, sculptor and painter
  13. It's my birthday. Last night Mr Friendzine took me to some stand up at my request. We saw some losers and then Laura Kightlinger and Neil Hamburger. Laura had my favorite joke of the night, "I've had two abortions. It's one of the hardest things, to outlive your children." Now I'm getting soup dumplings and scallion pancakes at a tiny place in the San Gabriel Valley.
  14. I bought a ticket for a play tonight called The Christians. It's at the Mark Taper has a live gospel choir, and is supposed to be fantastic. I think I'll get downtown early and see if I can treat myself to a nice single lady dinner. I've got a lunch on Saturday, then work, then work on Sunday, and then I'm off. Maybe I'll try to see a lot of movies? I have a couple of Christmas invites, and New Years and New Year's Day. It just feels like I'm going to have a lot of nothing-doing time.
  15. The placenta eater has been moved along.
  16. Scalp the ticket. A great artist touring for an album you like is worth it.
  17. I've gotngood thoughts for you and Adele. Restaurant nerd news: I met Guy Savoy's son yesterday, and I'll be going to Ludo LeFabvre's Trois Mec restaurant for New Years. Holiday party yesterday and today, a couple of hours of work Saturday and Sunday--then I'm off until January. I'm a little concerned, I don't think I have enough fun things lined up.
  18. What was the prophecy for Hudgens?
  19. Even your grammar is in a passive voice.
  20. I dislike San Diego, it feels like a big suburb. There's a large navy presence so hookers should be no problem.
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