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  1. Why is calling better than shipping? If he is on a draw the money is more likely to go in on the turn.
  2. Call the turn, looking to potentially fold the river if 7 or 8 drops and he ships.
  3. $100,000 Guarantee No Limit Hold'em Tournament - t100/t200 Blinds - 9 playersDeucesCracked Poker Videos Hand History ConverterSB: t17056 85.28 BBsBB: t18965 94.83 BBsUTG: t10096 50.48 BBsUTG+1: t4933 24.66 BBsUTG+2: t4471 22.36 BBsMP1: t12946 64.73 BBsHero (MP2): t6695 33.48 BBsCO: t2382 11.91 BBsBTN: t8242 41.21 BBsPre Flop: (t300) Hero is MP2 with A K4 folds, Hero raises to t400, 2 folds, SB calls t300, BB calls t200Flop: (t1200) K 7 6(3 players)SB bets t600, BB folds, Hero calls t600Turn: (t2400) Q(2 players)SB bets t2400Hero ?
  4. You were in the small blind, sounds like the right move to me.
  5. Protip: the action that we see preflop, on the flop, on the turn and on the river all give us extra information. I suppose you're right. Next time I'll only play suited aces, and I'll shove them preflop. 1). 150bb is considered a pretty deep stack where I live. What kind of stacks do you guys play with?!2). You've got to be kidding me.
  6. But what hands out of that range will he call you with that you can beat?I think AK, maybe KQ. J7 for a tie (he was in the bb, after all).If you think he'd be calling you with most of the hands you listed, then sure, shoving is significantly better than calling.
  7. Sure. But it'll also give me a better chance at defining the strength of his hand - letting me make more appropriate plays for value or cutting my losses if I am likely to be beat. I think, with my style of play against those guys, I'd win more chips on average by calling rather than shoving. But it does seem marginal to me.
  8. You mean on the flop after his check-raise?I have replied to that in one of the posts above, and why I don't like that play in this situation.To sum it up, I think against that kind of opponent we are going to make him fold most of the hands that we are beating, and call us with any hand that beats ours.A 3-outer that he may have does not concern me very much either.So I don't see what the real benefit of shoving there is.
  9. Fix'd.But really, deepstack post-flop play is all about situations like that. Even if you flop the nuts, you are in a "stupid situation" trying to get full value.
  10. I don't agree with this. I have explained why I think calling in this situation is worse than folding.The reason why I made this thread is because my first reaction was to call it as well, but the more I think about it, the more I get convinced that folding in that situation was correct - if my assumptions about my opponent are true:1). He is not suicidal.2). He assumes that I am not suicidal.
  11. I agree, that wasn't the best play preflop for a SnG, but my losses would have been minimal had I only had a marginal hand post-flop and found that I couldn't outplay my opponent.Anyway, that's somewhat beside the point of this thread.
  12. Anyway.When I was in the hand, I had this going through my head:1). He has seen me call his check-raise on the flop, and check-call a big turn bet of his. He has to give me credit for a strong hand.2). There is no reason why he would expect me to fold to his river bet. I was pretty confident he expected me to call.Now, what kind of hands could he be making such a move? AK, two pair, or a set.What else do we know? He just called my raise on the bb. From what I have seen, the average player in those SnGs tends to play AK or KK aggressively preflop. It is possible that he limped with one of those
  13. Well, that is the reason I raised.Normally, I play SnGs much tighter, but this table seemed reasonably tight in the beginning so I figured there was a good chance I would be deep-stack heads-up in position. Which is an ideal situation for my type of play. I disagree.Imagine, that the same thing happens, but after he check-raises you, you somehow get a glimpse of his cards, and see that he has Kx.Would you go all-in in this situation?Now imagine the same thing happens again, but when you look at his hand, you see that he has you beat - he has kings up, or a set. You most definitely are not shov
  14. You're in a 5$ 9-handed 1500 chip SnG, it is one of the first few hands, so you know little about the players but you know the opposition is generally weak at this hour on these tables.You get dealt 7 J in late position, everyone folds to you, and you make it 30 (the blinds are 5/10).Everyone folds, and BB calls with 1500 chips in front of him. You also had 1500 chips prior to the start of the hand.Flop comes K 7 J :club:He checks, you bet 40.He raises to 185, you call.Turn comes 5 , he bets 435, and you call.River comes 2 , and he is all-in for 850. You have 850 left.What do you do?a ). C
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