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  1. wish i coulda played last nite I like a nice game of HORSE once in a while lol.
  2. Like eddie said, i really dont like the raise w/ QJo utg, but whatever.As played, i think its a fold, and looking @ the second hand you posted it looks like the guy is donkey status for sure. Only a good player is bluffing you here IMO and if villain was an "Extreme Fishcake" then i dont think he's got the capacity to put you on a hand that beats him, and still shove. A player like that isnt shoving here without the nuts or near nuts.
  3. Yeah you made the standard, and correct play but just got sucked out on. Look @ it this way, if you make that play the next 100 times you come across it, you statistically win about 75 of those hands and profit overall.Forget the suckout and focus on the fact that you made the correct play.
  4. Exactly. As simple as this mindset is, its so important (to me atleast) and so many amateur players never even consider it.When acclaimed leads out on the turn, and you shove, what are you putting him on??? Like the guy above said, SO many hands in his range could have been played the same way, and all would have you crushed. Its funny that you say you were "Donkified" but you played this hand so bad post flop.
  5. exactly what i was thinking.It seems apparent that OP is, like you said, a "thinking" player but a thinking player isnt making these plays.OP, it sounds like you know your stuff, but just maybe lost focus for a hand and then was steaming in the second hand??
  6. Was playin live, a small stack shoves preflop i call w/ K-K and he shows J-10o and rivers the straight. I say "Nice suckout" He goes "Thanks" dead seriouslylol
  7. Started playing micro Ring games there because I heard they were soft, and all i can say is WOW.It's rediculous how easy these tables are. I mean whoever came up w/ the term "Donkey" mustve been playing here. It's like you have people calling with just about any two cards, raising pf with marginal stuff, calling every value bet, its crazy. As i'm typing this I just finished a hand, had A-A and minraised from the button, guy behind me shoves, guy behind him shoves overtop, and I call, had them both covered. One turns up A-5o the other K-4s LOL and I took it down. Its plays like that constantly.
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