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  1. do you ever play at pstars???? or other names for other sites?
  2. Sounds good, whats your stars name ?
  3. I think Jennifer Hudson shouldnt of sung.....
  4. With Stevie Wonder playing a song.... made this day 100X better .....
  5. Anyone else watching???Going pretty smooth and pretty amazing how they pulled this off...
  6. ha I stare at it too.... and not sure just a good avatar I found...
  7. If you wanna run these tours please let me know...50/50 with stake back ( unless you win double the buyin )$2.20 6 max 4k g 13:45$2.75 7.5k guaren2.20 to run two 1.10 mtts4.40 FL 1k guaren 20:008.80 5k Guarentee 15:002.20 180 man x 4 = 8.80any others please let me know...Rail must be the same as above...Thanks and good luck
  8. yes, there is no reason for him to live there... I mean yes it is a nice neighborhood but his house was much nicer... lol
  9. well guess im different....
  10. Thanks... just having fun... I enjoy staking out and watching others win...
  11. anyone wanna play some mtts coming up?
  12. good luck if anyone from this site is playing there
  13. I understand where your coming from... yes I'm young, as for the picture I have a sports room in my house... I have 4 jerseys of him hung up as wellwith 2 signed* (his college years with Alcorn State**, Rookie year when they were the Oilers, a 2000 edition of the Titans***, and then the ravens...) yeah you might say why him, what has made you liked this guy so much? Steve Mcnair was probbaly one of the best speakers when talking to kids, I worked at Boys and girls club 6 years ago he used to come and make speaches and play with the kids... To me I feel he is a very good man and I have always
  14. As this is a ladder stake guess I should of updated it more... Start with 2.50 Round 1: 10x $0.25 90 Man Non Turbos >if bank roll is more than 8.80 move to step2 if not play 5 more.... After 5 stop if bankroll is not up to 8.80Round 2: 8x $1.10 90 Man Turbos >move to step 3 if Bankroll is above 13.20 if not continue this level if roll drops to 8.80 or lower go back to step 2 Round 3: 6x $2.20 90 Man Non Turbos > move to step 4 is roll is above 22 if not continue... Drop level if roll drops below 13.20 after 6Round 4: 4x $5.50 90 Man Non TurbosRound 5: 2x $8.80 90 Man DeepstackRound 6
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