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  1. Until College football is back!!!I can't wait! Boomer Sooner!!!
  2. Had you already decided on an anti-virus software? I use Cyberdefender and it's really a good program. It scans my computer and tell me if something is wrong - I liked it so much I upgraded to the paid versoin to get the online back up (2GB). It's good stuff.
  3. raisenop3

    The Internet

    That "My Pussy" video was horrible!
  4. The squirrel video is just wrong! That's animal cruelty, if I ever I've seen it!
  5. That's great! I'm in - sounds like it could be fun.
  6. It's just crazy that McNair is dead - who'da thunk it? And by some 20 year old little twit of a girl! Jeez!
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