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  1. Sitting at a 45 person sng 13 people left I am in the small blind it gets folded around to me with 66 only about 8 bb left.I shove bb calles for 3/4 of his stack with 9d5d.a 5 on the flop and another on the turn I am done.Is this the right move or could I have done someting different?
  2. Has anyone got there prizes from 3 quarter?
  3. r23y

    Help With The Ppa

    I have been trying to get ahold of the PPA for sometime now.I have sent e mails and called the office I have not heard a word does anybody have any ideas on how to get ahold of them.
  4. r23y

    Netflix On My Wii

    Does anybody know can I watch netflix on my wii?
  5. Thank you for all your hard work.stay safe
  6. Has anybody heard anything on third quarter prizes?
  7. very sorry to hear of your loss.Try and stay strong in this tough time.Best wishes to you and your family.
  8. r23y

    Fcpers Bucketlist

    I don't know if anybody else has started this so we will see how it goes.I liked reading the thread about some of the stuff you all have done.Alot of amazing stuff.I was wandering last night what things people would like to do that they haven't done yet in life.I would like to see things outside of winning they main event or winning braclet.Maybe we can get achance to see what is on kidpokers bucklist.I will start 1.go skydiving 2.spend time in Ireland 3.Spend two weeks shadowing Daniel N. just to see what his life is like.We would have
  9. r23y

    Job In Vegas

    sorry thought you where asking me trying to too much at once
  10. r23y

    Job In Vegas

    I know that some of you don't understand.This may be a bad choice ,but I am showing my committment to my family.Hopefully it will work out for the best in the long run.
  11. r23y

    Job In Vegas

    I am in the midwest.I will not leave my wife or my girls.
  12. r23y

    Job In Vegas

    we both know we would have a better life in vegas.She loves going to vegas as much I do ,but won't leave her family.
  13. r23y

    Job In Vegas

    There is no way it is going to happen I have tried for the last week.She is very close to her family and I told her I will not go with out her. Grandparents would kill me if i took away the only two grandkids.
  14. r23y

    Job In Vegas

    I got a really good job offer with the company I work for .Wouldn't you know it is in vegas but I can not talk my family to go.Oh well I wiil stay with my family and not get to move.
  15. r23y

    Rooms In Vegas

    I have heard that there is a way right now to book rooms online for 18 dollars a night.For almost all hotels on the strip.I was told this by a person in hotel bussiness.But they will not tell me how.I was wandering if anybody else has heard this?
  16. They where going to try and mail them out 8-28.But I didn't get the email that they got sent out.So I don't think they went out yet.
  17. I read alot of poker books but I am thinking about hiring a poker coach.I would like some input or if anybody knows a good coach.Should I just stay reading what I can and putting it to work or hire a coach?
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