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  1. After a rough couple of days I've been pretty sick tonight with the suckouts.Cracked AA's twice with J9, flopped a straight once.Then cracked QQ with 10's after I thought he was weak, 10 binked on the river.Feel a little dirty.
  2. Just incase Daniel reads this thread, how much did you enjoy seeing Hellmuth lose that money? Based on your sarcastic, "Wow, that's bad shape" I'm guessing a lot?Maybe enjoy is the wrong word, the right phrase isn't coming to me!
  3. Does Mike play live much or is his play mostly online now and then on PAD or HSP occasionly?
  4. Agreed with another player to sit out if it continues, looks like most of my table has reconnected now.Still doesn't make up for the fact I've slipped well away from the average.
  5. Tilting me very bad now.Only two active on my table at the moment, doesn't feel write betting hands because of the amount of people having claim to the pot whether they're betting or not!
  6. Break about to start, hope it's sorted after that.
  7. Tell me about it, happening on my table all the time. But it's taking 5 minutes to act on the disconnected players, yet the next hand they aren't listed as sitting out!
  8. WTF.People that are listed as just disconnected are getting like 5 minutes to act? Been on the same hand for ages now. Blinds aren't stopping!
  9. I don't think I'm d/c but me and some other guy are the only people listed as not sitting out, nothing has happened since the last pot was shipped? Annoying as hell.
  10. Yeah, obviously just trying to stop the mess that's going on at the moment.
  11. Having a lot of fun stealing blinds and antes. I raised every pot straight 6 times and decided to overaise with AA's and hope someone would think I was taking the piss, they fell right in that trap!
  12. Watch this. He takes an age to make the easiest choice.
  13. Phil Gordon really gets on my nerves as does Ali Nejad whenever he plays. Don't mind him calling the show though.
  14. It's good for Poker!Although in London I'm surprised a local didn't go up to him and moan about him delaying traffic.
  15. This is two years ago now, right?I think Hellmuth has changed a bit now. Having seen some of the WSOP coverage and PAD he seems to have matured (a little) and certainly developed his play. Doesn't mean that he's still way out of line sometimes though.
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