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  1. Worst mistake was slowplayingMost people lose more money by slowplaying than playing badly.If you win the pot you are losing bets people would have called.If you check you give people free cards to beat you.It's really the worst thing you can do unless you have Quads or a Straight Flush.YOU MUST MAKE PEOPLE PAY TO DRAW YOU OUT!
  2. Q-Q 7-7 A-xsWorst hand K-K Almost always lose with it
  3. You need to tighten up your starting requirements but be very aggressive and jam the pot when you do play a hand. Players at your limit won't realize you haven't played a pot in a while so they will pay you off more often with "huge"pots
  4. Low-Limit Hold'em and some 7-stud.Stud games are softer but the money just isn't there at the place I play at.
  5. Best thing to do would be to play the .0000000001/.0000000002 limit games. This is about the highest limit you can afford with your bankroll that you found in the seat cushions of your car!
  6. Raising is the only option here. Folding is an extremely passive play.You have top pair so you need to see where you stand with the rest of the field. Only a raise tells you this.
  7. Actually, KQ is one of the few hands worth calling two cold with (AQ and AJ are the others)You over value AJ. It is not a good enough hand to call 2 bets cold. What do you think the raiser has?
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