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  1. Hey man, keep at them. I just recently made $19 off a Weekly Round 2 and now have a bankroll to play with. It took what seemed like an eternity to finally make something off them but when you do it feels like you just won a bracelet! OK, it doesn't feel that good but it's the hardest $19 I ever made and I'm glad to say I'm no longer playing freerolls .
  2. I played many Freerolls/Weekly Round 2's to get this money. They were long and grueling and gutwrenching even though they were free. It's not alot but it's all I have as far as an online bankroll so I'm not looking to piss it away. I'm doing this without the ability/funds to deposit since I don't have extra money to invest. BILLS FTL!!! Thanks for the serious reply, and I like this plan the best as well. I just wanted to throw around some other suggestions to get some other opinions. I will run these for a while then update this thread with results. Are you a Minnesota Vikings fan? This plan c
  3. OK, I have my first real money on Pokerstars via freerolls and Weekly Round 2's. It's only $19 but it's a start and have though up some plans for using this money and would like to know which one would be best. I'm not looking for a quick double up, I am looking to put in some volume and improve my game as much as I can while building a bigger bankroll.Here is a list of my plans I've come up with, let me know which one sounds the best.A- 17 $1.10 mtt's($18.70) and 30 $.01 990 hyper-turbo sng's. The mtt's would be any variation of game except razz(the only game I get good cards .B- 190 $.10 36
  4. Heads up sit and go's? If so, these will drive you crazy, well at least they did me. Happy Grinding!
  5. Looks standard, sucks if villian has AA but I think this could just as easily be AK, JJ or QQ.
  6. Daniel's strategy I'm sure only works at deepstack tournaments. At the stakes you were/are playing, just make hands and value bet. Don't try to get cute at micro-stakes most don't know what fold means.
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