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  1. Not guilt all counts, they let the sicko who sleeps with boys free
  2. Just my take on the above posts:graphic formats: doesn't matter to DN show creativity and inspiration I am sure DN can handle a proffesional graphic artist to convert it to his exact needs (incl. subtle changes in fonts colors etc etc). So draw on a napkin photograph it with a digital camera and send it...A logo is always a work in progress.I do not think DN inteneded in any way for there to be losses incurred on the $500 matches, cool off. good luck all!
  3. started this in wrong forum, moved to here....What is his favorite opening hand? Answer I got:10 7 any refernces to that? Has anyone heard other favorite DN opening hands?
  4. Technically you are not allowed to loiter in the gaming area but unless you look obviously under 21 they probaly don't check your ID (BTW all the casino I have been in Europe check every ID also comparing to cheats DB)If they do catch you they will ask you to leave that's itdon't dress like a teenager
  5. Yes stupid move by dealer, no Harry had no right to berate the dealer (assuming he was seriously going off as the OP implies) dealer mistakes are part of the game just as bad beats are and just as having KK with AA and having AA vs AA and getting outflushed.
  6. Not at all 2 is a continuation of 1 (vol.2 not ver 2)
  7. Bought Vol2 yesterday 1/3 way through by far best NLHE tourney book and written so well, he takes you through the considerations and thought processes of each hand.It is geared for the solid playing style that Harrington plays which is what I reccomend for most people that are not yet Gus/DN etc
  8. To complete the picture the source of this fact is from where?Does he explain why he likes 1o 7, and does he speciffcally care that much if they are suited?
  9. Dealer mistakes happen, deal with it and protect your hand. Going off on a dealer should be penalized, unless this dealer had intentionally set out to cheat Harry which is obviously not the case.Had the dealer mucked the hand nothing can be done.
  10. Remember the point of burning a card, if the cards are marked and you know the next card to come (top of the decks sans burning) you are at a major advantage, burning a card takes away that advantage
  11. Has DN ever mentioned his absolute favorite hand? probably 57s. This is just curiosity
  12. In Vegas I won a small tournament ($6K) and headed over to the Bellagio to meet friends. After we parted I walked by a 3 card poker table and said to myself gotta find out what this is all about. Sat down played a few hands. Anyways there is NO SKILL involved just a casino game with probably 1-2% house advantage. I vaguely remember that you are supposed to bet any hand better than Q-T and fold everything else. Anyways I throw in another $10 bet look at my 3 cards 9-T-J hearts a 3 card straight flush, and took the $500 and took that as a sign that my 3 card poker career is now over, curiousity
  13. sure on the flop, but not not necessarily on turn or river obviouslyevery single one is the "nut straight"...not pure nutsAssuming there is no T/J on the board. Example you hold TJ board is 2789J here QT beats youAnother example board 789TJ your TJ is useless anc certainly trumped by any Q (and KQ would be the nut straight)
  14. While playing an SNG was writing an email screens comes up jsut as I am clicking in my mail I presess the call button. Turns out I called an all in Q5 beat AA came Q5Q... the AA went beserk how I could make that call
  15. This a wonderful faboulous idea! BTW I just quit my job to only play poker, Hence I am a proffesional poker player hence I will get 6* chips too!Also to update you I played my first day as a pro at the 2/4 table at casino <fill in the blank> and I am up $18 played for 4 hours so my hourly rate is $6 (or is it $4 anyway math is not one of my strong sides I will work on that now that I am a proTheTorpedo, Proffesional Poker Player
  16. 6600 is the firm limit according to Harrah's.I was there yesterday and was told that they decided not to cap it. May be a rumour but technically they can cram another session
  17. Correct but it is easier to think in odds
  18. you forgot to divide by 6. Another way to look at it is holding two cards there are 50*49*48/6 possible flops =19600 if you hold 2 to a royal then you need exactly one of those flops to fill it up so your odds are 1:19599now for the math again. Holding 2 cards there are 50 left in the deck so for the first card there are 50 options, then 49 left for the second, then 48 left for the third hence 50*49*48 you divide by 6 becasue there is no differnce in poker for the order of the flop (KcQcJc=QcJcKc=JcKcQc etc) there are 6 ways to arrange three items (ABC,ACB,BAC,BCA,CAB,CBA)btw HOLDING KTd I onc
  19. Is poker tracker the reccomended among the differnt software options?
  20. You still made a mistake even knowing that he had a set. you needed 50 for a pot of 2000 certainly within the odds of hitting your K on the river
  21. OK when I was playing $5 SNGs the board came a Royal. I pushed for the 1/300 chance that the other guy didn't know what to do... anything can happen low limit online. Tourney so no rake....Oh yeah he called.... Even made a joke about it.
  22. OK I want to Join UBWhat is the best sign up bonus?I only play tourneys so is it usefullwill also give a referal name if someone so asks
  23. Well if they were just asking about it then they were not spreading it, correct? My comment was to the " spreaders" at RGP or wherever
  24. Hi all been lurking around for a while glad that my first post is about seeing Daniel in his usual playful smiling self at the Wynn opening. To the degenerates who spread the rehab rumours: get a lifecheers
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