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  1. Yes, just one more glaring contradiction to their core beliefs, among thousands of others, yet it doesn't have a chance of making it through the perpetual haze that separates the religious mind from reality. Like shooting BBs at a tank.
  2. Who cares? That still leaves Mohamed on the loose. I'd rather see Mohamed and Jesus go at it, and if we get real lucky, we might just see a double mortal blow.
  3. Hollywood said:"I just don't understand how some people hate that Christians try to spread the word but they feel the need to spread that they think our religion is false. We aren't attacking you for being a non-believer....why does it bother you that we do believe?"You can't be serious? Christianity is shoved down people's throats in this USA. You might not even feel safe in some of the red states. It is Christianity and Islam's claim to fame that they found a god that was as jealous as a teen age boy. There is only one god and everyone must believe in him or they are only fit for death. This
  4. Hollywood,There have been many posts in this thread not specifically about the book but somehow you just have a problem with mine, but I digress. No I haven't read this book, and don't intend to, The general consensus among historians is that a man called Jesus "probably" existed, but there is simply so little evidence of it, that we will likely never really know for sure. But whether there was or wasn't really matters very little as far as the validity of Christianity is concerned. There are currently about 6 million people who worship Sathya Sai Baba as the reinicarnation of a saint who perf
  5. I'm not really sure why you would think I wanted people to follow me, or even that the goal was to stop people from believing. I'm simply posting the truth as I have come to be able to see it, and if it might help even one person shed the repressive and simplistic humanity destroying delusion of religion then fine, but I've lived among you for far too long to expect it. I'm well aware I will die long before there is significant change in a positive direction, and that in fact, there is a much greater chance that I could witness the end of civilization due to these beliefs, than there is of see
  6. Nice pic of the pope. He looks as evil as his actions shows him to be.
  7. I'm sorry to break it to the true believers here, but I'm afraid it's all just a nice little fairy tale. Come on you're adults. Nothing but ice cream and candy canes forever if you're a good little boy or girl, or an eternity of the most horrible torture imaginable if you don't follow along. It really couldn't be more obvious could it? The destruction of reason is started in childhood, but as an adult, the threat of the loss of the love of your god, your family and your friends if you were to become the unthinkable, AN INFIDEL, seals the deal. But hey believe what you want, just don't expect
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