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  1. Table Tjilaki III. About 40 people o nthe waiting list.
  2. He's American....just sayin'.;)Do you eat kangaroo? I've heard saying it is very good.
  3. LOL...i like snails, i ate some last week but 'm not a big fan of frogs. Never tried cats..What about dogs?
  4. Don't worry. My spoken English is terrible too. I read English, i can write it but that's all. But it is easier for me to understand Canadians rather than Americans.
  5. I played 2 days At 5nl and went from $132 to $95. There was some crazy maniacs at the tables and i lost my buy-in many times on bad beats.I've stepped down to 2nl and i'm at $105 now.
  6. I don't think i'll be able to sleep tonight after this one. My opponent was a total fish who played 70% of his hands and called with any two cards. OMFG...i'm going to cry. Sometime i wish that even donkeys know probabilities and odds.http://www.pokerhandreplays.com/view.php/id/443244i think i'm gonna do some yoga....
  7. So i just finished my first session at $5NL. Things were fine and i've been at $132 for a while. i played 3 tables at the same time and i changed one because things were way too slow.....then i lost my buy-in ($5) in like 2 hands.I finished at $122.56 so i won about $8. I should have stopped earlier. I will play more carefully next time. But to me the game looks exactly the same as at $2NL.
  8. He could pay my rent if he wants, just sayin'
  9. Wow...did you use an online translator or is it the way you guys speak French in Canada?But thanks.
  10. lol...the fact is most french people don't speak another. We are probably the worst euopeans for this. So when foreignesr try to speak French, i think it is already a good thing.
  11. Ok. thank guys i'll give it a try at $5NlL tonight and see if things go well are not.
  12. Thank you. I hope it wll last as long as possible!
  13. I play mainly full ring. I've start 4 weeks ago with $22 (playing at $0.02) and after 7,000+ hands i'm at $114. I'd like your opinions and/or your advices about my stats. If $114 enough to play at $0.05 ? It makes me about 22 buy-in but some people say it's better to have at least 25 buy-in.More is the game tougher at $0.05 or is it exactly the same ?Thanks. Any advices/tips are welcome.
  14. First is there's only limpers before me i'd raise about 4BB with A4s at the button. I think i'd have checked the flop then i'd call on the turn rather than raising. Don't forget that you have nothing excepta nuts flush draw....Now i need to know if you're talking about cash-games or touney and how much do you have to call when your opponents goes all-in...stack size is important too.Imo at this point that's only pure maths. You odds are about 4:1...what's the pot odds? And what again what's yout stack size ?
  15. I'm on my way too. I've started with $22 4 weeks ago and now i'm at $114. I have about 7,000+ hands in PT3 and i have 28BB/100. Playing at $0.02 is easy i wonder if it will be different at $0.05 or if the game get tougher.....?
  16. Just to tell you guys the graph is still going up. I'm at $114 now and i'll soon moving to $0.05.
  17. Well, i know it's a little bit early, but i'll be on holidays next week (those lazy frenchies...) and my april's goals are already reached.it was : playing as many hands as possible (went from 800 to 7,000+) and trying to get $100 + asap. i'm actually at $107.54.Here's my graph soon as i'll get $125 i'll play at $0.05 I think i'm ready. Bring me Negreanu...NOW! I'll bust him.J/K
  18. Yeah sorry, it's an old news. lolToo bad he doesn't speak. He could have said "Hi mate, wanna play?"
  19. I had the chance to watch "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" few hour sago and i i was pretty sure that Daniel was in the movie so i googled it and yep, that's him :http://www.pokernewsdaily.com/daniel-negre...wolverine-1846/
  20. Well, i try to do my best. Like you can see, English isn't my language. I just thought it was an interresting hand. If you don't care, just don't posts here.
  21. Well, i think i could have raise pre flop...but they could all have folded. I guess i've been lucky on this one :http://www.pokerhandreplays.com/view.php/id/430714
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