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  1. yeah, it's def fate. and for whoever called me a whore...i'll choke a bitch.
  2. i can diss any comedian who isn't funny and will not take no for an answer. especially when it comes to sex.
  3. even when it's not funny. they make an attempt. anyways you dont get it so shut up now thanks.
  4. I've been around the business for a good amount of time. Seen big comedians and unknowns. Chad Daniels is by far the funniest comedian I have EVER seen or been around. He is not only a great comedian, he is a very funny person and a good guy. Thats rare for the comedy world. He doesn't steal jokes, he doesn't buy them off of other people, he doesn't care about peoples opinions on his material and doesn't care who he offends because its COMEDY. He's never predictable. http://www.comedycentral.com/videos/index....-school-reunionif you ever get time, watch clips of his comedy cntral special onli
  5. A GENIUS? Are you kidding me? You are the reason comedians who aren't funny make it big (dane cook, carlos mencia). He is not a genius, his jokes are not always his, his delivery is poor, there is nothing complex about what ron white does except that he has the power to please stupid simpletons who lack brain cells.i worked at a comedy club for over 2 years. hate to tell you but ron white steals and buys a lot of his material from open mic comedians (a lot of comedians do) He's not funny at all. He makes a ton of jokes that have to do with his wife and how much he loves her. Too bad he tried
  6. i never said it was OKAY or FUNNY when i found out he was acomedian. It made SENSE to me. I have three friends i spend time with every day who are comedians and they make jokes similiar along the same lines. They provide comic relief for my life constantly. It reminded me of them in a way. Its hard to explain. The cheesiness of it all.
  7. MBenz0569 pokerstarstourny or cash game I dont know! But i've been in the hospital today and now I can't work tonight... so if you're on right now let me know
  8. I'm totally coooool with that. You have a whole thread dedicated to you, which means youre kindof like my idol haha. What are you studying? I'm studying forensic psychology, I want to get a phd... it's just taking forever! School is super expensive and I pay everything out of pocket.
  9. Is there a thread about booze slinging hookers? That's a good place to start talking about me again!
  10. hmm let me think about it actually. i dont really drink mixed liquor drinks. I drink glenfiddich and water haha. I make a ton of shots... applesauce is good... its 1 ounce goldslager 1 ounce apple pucker and a splash of pineapple juice. yum yum yum. i make a lot of martinis as well... orange dreamcicle is awesome is you like sweet stuff. 1 1/2 ounce vanilla vodka 1/2 ounce triple sec add lime juice, cream, and simple syrup. Shake everything. YUM!
  11. I thought it got pretty interesting until now.
  12. I worked. We were busy as heck. $2 green beer and $3 guiness. I made a billion nasty green beers by people who are titilated with the thought of drinking a COLORED beer omg omg omg omg. And a billion Irish car bombs which are the alcoholics chocolate. Sadly no drinking for me because we aren't allowed to drink anything while we are behind the bar. Nazi's!
  13. the sausage party picture is basically wonderful
  14. it shouldn't bother you. like i said, it's comforting knowing that other people have been in a similiar situations and that you aren't alone. its sad hearing other peoples stories but in a way it's nice. When my mom was sick, i heard from a lot of people about their parents and loved ones going through similiar things in the past and in the end being okay. it gave me hope that my mom would be okay too. it's not about anybody more than anbody else, just a place to read, share and respond in whatever way you please.
  15. Also, I forgot to mention that I had amazing friends and family by my side during everything and it REALLY made the difference. No matter how cheesy that sounds. It was nice to find comfort in my loved ones during such a hard time and although they aren't in your shoes.. they do understand and can give you a different perspective on things.
  16. I worked in a comedy club for two years. Some of my best friends are comedians. Every day i have 3 friends providing comic relief for all of my daily situations. It actually makes more sense that he's a standup comedian.My favorite comedian of all time and a buddy of mine. Check him out on rooftop comedy and comedy central, comedy central presents... Chad Daniels. http://www.comedycentral.com/videos/index....-school-reunionAlso if you are ever bored on here look up some my friends and very funny guys Theo Von, Claude Stuart, and Chad Miller.
  17. I'm really sorry about your family situation. Your step father is in my prayers. I know how it feels, trust me. A year ago March 6th 2008... my mommy had a stroke. She came home from work one day and said her side felt heavy, I told her she probably slept funny the night before. After a few minutes she said outloud, I think I'm having a stroke.. i'm going to go to the hospital. I told her she was overreacting. My step dad immediatly took her to the hospital which is LITERALLY a block away... WHICH PROBABLY SAVED HER LIFE. They called me a few hours later saying that infact she was having a str
  18. wow that was SOO creative, I haven't heard that one a hundred+ times. Even when I'm working my ACTUAL job, people say "Oh does that mean the beer is free? ahaha huh huahauhahaha im soo funny jeeeeeeez." Yeah I got this tattoo so I can give you guys free beer and sex. That's exactly why I got it, I'm so glad it's been figured out. I bet you are one of those guys who pulls this classic..."What's your name?"Mercedes" "Oh nice to meet you Mercedes, I'm camaro (or insert ANY car name here). hahahuhhu dur dur dur hahahahah"Let's try being original, really.
  19. My favorite show of all time. I love season three when charlize theron plays MRF and i can't get enough of the play on words doctor!Lucille: How's my son? Doctor: He's going to be all right. Lindsay Funke: Finally some good news from this guy. George Michael Bluth: There's no other way to take that. Doctor: That's a great attitude. I got to tell you, if I was getting this news, I don't know that I'd take it this well. Lucille: But you said he was all right. Doctor: Yes, he's lost his left hand. So he's going to be "all right." Lucille: [Jumping on the doctor] You son of a bitch. I hate this do
  20. there are advantagesnice little chat we've had. it's sunday funday and i'm hitting the bar for a pizza and drinks. have a good one.
  21. bc ive had my lip pierced for like 3 years and i thought i let it close up but yesterday it was opened again. yeah not fascinating at alll but confusing. i appreciate your poker advice but i usually run a table full of men at the casino here. the dumb girl thing only works for so long and i never go in acting like im a badass. I'm a pretty quiet person and player. guys aren't always very bright and no matter what i say when i sit down at a table, they immediatly think i don't knwo what im doing and they are too busy hitting on me to pay attention to the money i'm taking from them.
  22. haha okay ill clarify some things1) Confidence and my friends are still stupid enough to play me.2) Yeah bad breakup. But im basically over it, i've been dating a couple of people.. it's only been three weeks but i'm not going to sit around being sad over him. I'm finding out as time goes on, he wasn't worth it. I knew i would find that out but yeah time is a bitch and the initial breakup ALWAYS SUCKS. I work 5-6 days a week in two different bars. I get enough male attention, wanted or not. I got on this forum because I left another forum and since my breakup i've had time to play cards more.
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