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  1. I am actually happy for this guy to win it.He's always struck me as being a great player on here.Congratz, I'm sure it is the first of many more to come!
  2. More on the QQ vs JJ hand:From the cutoff, James Tolbert made it 135,000 to go. Action then folded around to Harrison Gimbel in the big blind who moved all in over the top, putting Tobert to a decision for all of his chips -- about 1.1 million worth. Tolbert made the call and soon after the cards were on their backs:Tolbert: {J-Clubs}{J-Spades}Gimbel: {Q-Clubs}{Q-Spades}Gimbel managed to spike a queen on the flop and with no miracle running jacks on the turn and river, Tolbert was out in 13th place.
  3. He just won an all in wih QQ vs JJ.
  4. I don't really post here much, but I really hope you win this gibler and wish you the best of luck.glglglgl
  5. What's better for rakeback for a player starting out with a small BR of about $100 and working your way upwards playing .02/.05c games, multitabling 12 tables for say 5 hours a day?Not sure if I'm right but, seems to me that if I signed up to a rakeback affiliate and played on FT instead I would make more money than I would accumalating FPPs/VPPs on Stars as I'll be getting RB in solid $ if i was on FullTilt and you don't get many FPPs at the lower stakes on Stars, is this correct?Thanks
  6. I'm pretty sure that if i email them asking for it they won't let me have it lol.
  7. what limits you playing atm?
  8. On my current FT account i play 0.5/0.10. However, i do not have rakeback and i find myself looking at big pots that have rakes of about $0.50, this fustrates me really. So i mean, what do you suggest i do? Email FT asking them if they can give me some rakeback? Make a new account and get rakeback on that? Or what else options do i have...Thanks
  9. May Goals:1)Pass my GCSE's2)Read some poker books3)Get $50 up to $1504)Improve on Heads Up NLH5)Win the daily dollar or the $1000 guarentee baby ;]
  10. Connection isn't good enough for where we play the live games. :[
  11. What would you do in this situation?:I'm in two tournaments ; a live one, which i'm the host of, and a online 5K FR. For the FR the top 360 get paid, and i had to come in the top 100 of another tourney to register. Both tourneys are on at the same time....
  12. I believe if you take one of the S&G's tests on the FTPA and come within the top 1500 scores you win a seat to one of these freeroles.Then, if you come in the top 100 of the FR, you register for the 5K FR.I had one of the fr sats to the 5k tourney today and managed to end up in the top 100, so im registered in the 5k tomorrow ;]/brag
  13. Haha sweeeeeet The high school games are teh bestest obvs
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