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  1. I thought this was a funny story....and a good one for summing up micro stakes....Today I played in a $2 tourny at FTP with about 400 runners....we were down to 5 players when my internet connection died....I immediately rang my internet company and they said they were working on it...after about 1 hr I had come to terms that I had obviously been blinded out...I was the short stack when my internet died with about 18BB....I have just logged onto sharkscope and saw that I cashed for 3rd...ahhh micro stakes ...there must have been some big hands for them not to let me be blinded out for 5th...I
  2. So there are 4 accounts....how does Full Tilt usually deal with 4 accounts coming from the same Internet connection?? or maybe they have 4 separate connections?? They obviously wouldn't be playing on the same table as each other and colluding ...I'm just interested
  3. Sorry...just found my answer in another thread..This is from Suited Up:
  4. I suppose if I activate this bonus it will affect my rakeback somehow?? (rakerobber.com)
  5. Yeah he has put 2 parts (4 videos) about the 1c/2c
  6. Just wondering if anyone has any new Promo Codes?? Does Junglen still work??? Does it still give you the 3 months free with Junglen??Thanks
  7. Yeah most mic/headset should work with camstudio...I bought a cheap $15 mic/headphones set and it was fine
  8. Yeah...down for me...even their website is down.What do they usually do??? just refund everyone their buy in?? (I just started a sitngo)
  9. Yeah...kinda a novice...I have been playing at a few local games (freerolls) for a couple of years, but only just started putting money into online in the last few months...and only just started limit-poker when I signed up online.Thanks for the suggestions about the books...I will add the 'Winning in Tough Hold'em Games' book to my list..Thanks again
  10. Thanks Dirtydutch....exactly what I was after..I am just starting out...playing 50c/$1 online at the moment.I was going to order some books from Amazon already, so I will add those to my list. (also going to get Daniel's new book)Thanks again
  11. Hey...I was just wondering what is a great book or resource for limit poker??Thanks
  12. Ok...I am really keen to sign up to pokervt and I think I most probably will...I have been doing a lot of reading through the forums and I have one last question...At the moment I only play online...this is because the closest casino to me is 4 hours drive...I sometimes go to home games but I mostly play online.My question is...how much of the content is targeted towards online poker?? I suppose you could divide the content up into 3 sections?? 1. Online2. Live 3. BothIs this right??Any info would be much appreciated..Cheers
  13. Hey mate...I have been really close to signing up to pokervt but I just can't seen to do it ( I don't know why..I really want to learn more about the game) After reading this topic and seeing you on rawvegas talking to Daniel, I am REALLY keen to join and will probably do so in the next day or so...thank-you for writing this topic as I think it will be the contributing factor that will make me join...it's good to see an 'Average Joe' do well from this training package.Hope your Dad is OK...and good luck on Sunday...Cheers.Anton
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