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  1. I will be in. Haven't watched in awhile but some familiar faces will help my interest this season
  2. May your brother rest in Peace, Bob. So sorry for your loss
  3. I use to like Jack Edwards when he did non-affiliated games. Not sure what happens to him when he does Bruins games.
  4. Talking reject cup on the day of the BIG game? Go Thieves
  5. Nice time to have my best lineup of the year UGH
  6. Slack as been great for this league. Yes it has been clogged up lately with childish behavior by Serge, Dale, Roy etc. but it's a great vehicle for hockey talk and trade take, private or otherwise Less cumbersome than here
  7. I think we should be allowed to use farm players for champions league playoffs only. We where able to in prior years because it was later in the season
  8. Highly Questionable is basically the only non-game programming that I can stomach watching on ESPN Everything else, is just like watching Paul Finebaum or nails scratching on a chalkboard. Not sure what is worse
  9. The more this immigration and wall thing drags on, the more I think its just as simple as republicans not wanting illegal immigration because it will lead to more democratic votes and the democrats wanting the opposite for the votes All the other stuff on either side is just smoke
  10. Still haven't googled who Bonsignore is. I will do that eventually, I guess
  11. WOW. Quenneville gone Why couldn't they do this 6 months ago so he could be the Rangers coach
  12. Serge, you should have saved that for a day Bob needs to walk 10 miles in 2 feet of snow to read meters
  13. It was your turn last year. Next year will be mine. You can get #2
  14. There's always the lottery to mix things up
  15. Thats all well and good. What the public really whats to know is how Sami Vatanen did?
  16. The CSIS and the FBI are currently investigating why Elias Pettersson fell to #11 in the AHL 2017 entry draft. There have been leaks from both investigations that russian operatives are involved and that these operatives have mob ties associated with Vadim Shipachyov. There are also rumours of a secretive dossier of Pettersson but that news seems to have been reported with no substantive evidence
  17. 6 Game night for the Survivor Tuesday opener. I like it Time to change things up and get rid of a heavyweight right off the bat
  18. I lose my Champions league game because I dressed an ineligible player in Pettersson. My score should be 1.5 (4-2.5)
  19. Every team needs penalty killers
  20. Going to have to get the "Me too" movement on your butt
  21. We all know Noah Dobson is the best offensive defenseman of the draft
  22. Now, does that make me the favorite for the crapper division of the Champions league? I was crushed when I wasn't picked before the injury
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