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  1. Do you know how to shape wood beyond cutting structural members, joints and gluing it together? Because that table has artistic edges galore, its deceivingly complicated. Simple structure but to get it to 'look like that', the detail work is hard core. Here's a very early phase (grind marks, welding slag and all) mockup for an end table I'm designing, sans top which will be something brightly colored and synthetic. Its made out of discarded steel testing coupons and stepped plate base (which will probably be mounted atop a rectangular base, something synthetic and something brightly colore
  2. If someone tells me they're taking a trip to any country in Southeast Asia, I immediately assume they're a child sex tourist. Here's the odds for any given country, as far as any given traveler going there to engage in some sort of illicit sexual conduct. . Thailand: -105 Vietnam: -150 Philippines: -200 Cambodia or Laos: -350 If you want to bet they are NOT going there to engage in illicit sexual conduct: Thailand: +100 Vietnam: +125 Philippines: +170 Cambodia or Laos: +275
  3. Well then we need a #ChicagoBlackTwitter to cruise in there and give those Oreo Uncle Tom's the old what-for about drinking the white mans poison on faggotry.
  4. That douchenozzle who mocked the little black kid does indeed deserve 100% of what he's getting. I don't need to lay out my 'cred' when it comes to non-PC humor, mocking some random little kid on facebook is repugnant. As an aside, has Empire convinced blacks that gay is awesome? Blacks have been pretty damn resistant to rainbowmania.
  5. The UFC wants to be rid of him but they don't want him bringing in eyeballs for another promotion. Its literally their best case scenario. They had a hand in this. 5 years for pot isn't pathetic. Its agenda-driven. I hope his lawyers have brains and start subpoenaing the right records and people.
  6. Before it entered 'bro culture' as some retarded thing you do when running a train on a broad, it existed as a thing that happened in prison when two queens pissed on someone in exchange for a cup noodles, so when you say a "golden gate would really round out the weekend", I'm not thinking about "The League". I envision you in a hotel room bathtub wearing pool goggles.
  7. Circa 2003'ish, some large PD dumped a shitload of Beretta 92's and CDNN had them for $249 a piece. Bought one. Worn on the outside but brand new on the inside. All cop guns are like that.
  8. Went to the industrial supply shop today. For the first time, there was a strange millenial behind the counter. "Hi. I need some 1" carbon rod with an acme thread, but not a whole piece. Just a 2' section or so. Do you guys have any in that 'scraps for sale' pile? It has to be carbon since I'm welding it to an iron hand wheel" "Uh, you mean like steel rod?" (Stares blankly at him) "One inch carbon rod with an acme thread. About two feets worth. I just need a small section for a project I'm working on, don't need a full piece." "Uh, hold on..." (Goes in back, gets the gu
  9. Those reporters must've really pissed that guy off.
  10. I live in a city where home burglaries are instructed to call the non-emergency number and might get dispatch days later (but about half the time, nothing) You try calling the CPD about a stolen plasma cutter. Care to wager if anyone cares?
  11. They are irreplaceable and if you keep burning them up, you're over-using them on heavy jobs. Attachments are CHEAP if you're smart enough to realize you can buy them for $5 a piece in "Dremel" packages at Home Depot or huge sets of them for $15 or $20 total from the import sources that literally come from the same places. Far and away the most indispensable tool I ever use for fine work is the Dremel. I've had one for well over 10 years and another I bought 'broken' for the attachments and it wound up being a dirty switch on the unit that has been going strong for about 5. Have one
  12. I bought this Miller plasma cutter off Craigslist for $200. Its been very lightly used. This is what they sell for. http://www.weldingsu...FdgLgQodf9cGeQ# Apparently the 16-21 year old Hispanic gentleman selling it decided he didn't want the "welding muh-cheene that his grandmother got him for his birthday".
  13. Any predictions on just how badly our economy eats it over the coming month, the coming 6 months and the coming year?
  14. I think Magny is a tad underrated its but not impossible to conceive that Silva was roiding, since that seemed to be very standard among the Brazilian fighters.
  15. I got a sample card with four picks I'm totally OK with (Rousey, A Silva, Rua and Magny) and am still not priced out, with 9500 left and lots of unknowns going cheap, and that is WITH Rousey at the ball-breaking price of 12200+.
  16. The interesting thing I'm seeing is that there might be enough room with the unknowns to make a decent play and still take Rousey. Silva @8800 is a go for me against Soa. That much is certain.
  17. Abolishing nosebleed HU was in response to regulatory pressure having to do with money laundering issues.
  18. There were strong money laundering interests involved in premium .com domain names for a while. Unique asset pricing, potentially high dollar, very real potential for international sales putting various documentation out of reach of subpoena. The art market also has a ton of this going on. All this being said, I can think of no worse way to launder drug money than a 'webpage selling business' since the entirety of your business operation has a crazy accurate forensic footprint and every potential client is within reach of a subpoena should you be investigated for tax fraud.
  19. If you don't own at least 10 acres of land by the age of 30, you are a failure of a white man.
  20. Yeah... That was one thing Jesus was completely wrong on.
  21. Thats not her best shot, but I think she's 'cute' by 'cute' standards. Not the fire, but cute enough by real world standards, killer lean body.
  22. CM Punk in the UFC. http://mmajunkie.com...cted-2015-debut Walks around in the low 2's, plans on fighting at 85 and possibly 75. Dana White freely admits it could be a 'one and done' situation if he doesn't hack it.
  23. I bet Spaniards can make a nice suit of clothes. Does anyone know if there is a custom suit industry in Spain? Milan or Bologna, their prices for custom suits were just unreal. Granted, the quality level is insane too but seems like they're getting a bit ahead of themselves. Share one single border with Switzerland and the next thing you know, they think they price as Caucasian.
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