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  1. see now strat is starting in because i loved The Last Kingdom. even started reading the books. goddamn shame to have to write you off like loogie, but what can i do?
  2. like i said, this guy isn't funny. big d would have roasted me alive. that's a funny guy. ronny mex would have as well. i miss that guy.
  3. because you're a prick, and i don't like you.
  4. i'm not trying to do anything but kill time until i drop dead. been that way for 14 years now.
  5. you aren’t funny and you never were.
  6. i think my point that you don’t know funny was made quite clearly.
  7. this is wrong on every level, and disqualifies you on any matter concerning media.
  8. i don't know about all that, but the movie just sucked. wasn't funny, wasn't dramatic, wasn't smart or interesting or insightful or anything. it was just some losers being losers and sucking at life.
  9. you ain’t wrong. sorry colby, but swingers was dog shit. i could write a movie better than that. throw in a joke or two.
  10. i am in fact rewatching the series. and i can’t wait to scream at my brother, the next time he upsets me or refuses to do something for me, YOU MAY RUN NORTH JERSEY BUT YOU DONT RUN YOUR UNCLE JUNIOR. HOW MANY FVCKIN HOURS DID I SPEND PLAYING CATCH WITH YOU?
  11. i watched Swingers for the first time, and it sucks. how the hell are people talking about this movie like it’s a classic?
  12. it's funny you ask that because the one that i know of is out at the legends outlets by the racetrack casino and several times when i was leaving i've thought to myself that i should get a sandwich there, probably a delicious chicken philly. but sadly i never have.
  13. poor hank, you never had the makings of a varsity athlete.
  14. i have a doctorate and a masters, just wanted to remind everyone. rewatching the sopranos, so damn good.
  15. big d, your commitment to this troll account is beyond anything. thumbs up my friend.
  16. i will tell you that when evaluating the portfolio managers i work with, the ones who have the CFA are clearly superior to the ones that do not. maybe it is just a coincidence, but i doubt it. we have a CFA in our office who just does an incredible job, but he isn't the best at bullshitting with the sales guys so they overlook him. but with that said, to those of us who are smart enough to see the difference, that CFA means a lot.
  17. did i mention i got an apple watch? i really like it, but the rubber band it comes with is a joke. bought a nylon one off amazon but didn't like it, then bought another which just arrived. this one is a winner. bout to go order 5 more of the same kind just to have some BACK UPS.
  18. pablo sucks at being on tv and radio. stick to writing.
  19. not sure why the house won't censure him at least, but i think maybe the democrats want him in office saying stupid things. edit: maybe it comes this week. he should be expelled, but we’ll see what happens.
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